Competition may be a factor …..

It seems like Harry’s 2nd cousin, Lady Amelia got a thumbs down when it comes to wedding invitations. Amelia is called; the beautiful royal; that alone may piss of the NEWCOMER.

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It was my opinion from the get go and is being reinforced more each day; MM has Harry by the short hair.

For all of the novices in the cliche department:

have someone by the short hairs – Wiktionary

have someone by the short hairs. Definition … (idiomatic) To have someone in a difficult situation in which he or she is without alternatives and can be controlled.

I will go out on a limb and say Harry is definitely being Markelized by his intended.

It can very well be that the BLUSHING BRIDE does not ant anyone attending her shindig that is more gets more attention than she does?? Food for thought.

Regardless of what THE ROYALS want the public to believe; MM is absolutely throwing a monkey wrench into the royal traditions.  She is NOT being as well accepted as they want everyone to think.

Now I hear that there will be a Roach Coach included in the festivities. I will only give 2 guesses as to whose brain-storm that was. Gotta make the bride fell at home.


Harry better get his fill of going out to the pub with the boys before he says I DO. I have a feeling, he is going to have to walk a very tight rope married to MM.

Under all of that pomp and circumstances; no one can convince Queen Liz is a happy camper.


Lady MM knew exactly what she was doing!!

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