Punk cops picking on an older lady ….

Video shows officers roughing up 65-year-old woman: ‘Felt like my heart exploded’

All of these punk cops should be thrown off the force and given some jail time for what they did to this 65 year old women.


Can’t deny the video.


Five cops against a 65 year old women. These thugs should be recognized/acknowledged for their bravery.

What in the world did the cops think could justified their actions??  They are a disgrace to the badge and all of the decent cops out there. What if this lady was their mother or grandmother??

I would think that these cities would vet their cops a lot better than they do before hiring them. It has to cost the cities a fortune in lawsuits for these criminal cops actions.

ALPHARETTA, Ga. — The Alpharetta Police Department has launched an internal investigation after a controversial traffic stop.




It’s just not who we are. We share with a video and thank you for your trust that we are taking the proper actions.https://youtu.be/p-5I9ZYUhHs

Let us take a wait and see where this investigation goes. If law-enforcement wants to restore the people’s faith in them; they have to do the right thing and prosecute all of the THUGS in blue that cross the line.

Always keep in mind what a fantastic service the good cops do protecting us on a daily basis. Too many of them are paying the ultimate price with their lives.


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  1. bzerob says:

    Reblogged this on On the Patio and commented:
    This is a very disturbing video that I am sure will get more than a few people wound up. And we will all wait to see/hear what the investigation finds. And just how transparent this police department is.

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