Maybe it is just me; if …….

Monica Lewinsky says she was uninvited from event when Bill Clinton decided to attend

Good move. I would think, there would be a lot of uncomfortable people at the event if both WB and Monica showed up.  Especially CHC.  You know; opening old wounds!!

Maybe it is just me; if I were as infamous as Lewinsky, AKA The Under The Desk Girl, I would try to keep a low of a profile as possible.  Instead, she is sticking her nose in the camera every chance she gets.  Go figure.

What is the 1st thing anyone correlates with when they hear the name Monica Lewinsky; The Under The Desk Girl.


I would think she would want as little attention drawn to her as possible. BUTT, looking at the changes in the world’s morality in the last 30 years; it does not surprise me that she and others consider her a celebrity.

Stay tuned for the new movie coming out; it is going to be called THE GIRL WITH THE STAINED DRESS.  Supposed to be a real block buster.


Wild Bill and his squeeze should have paid more attention to the all saying; never masticate where you defecate, or something like that


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