Media; Gotta be racism

University of Florida grads who were rushed off stage get an official apology

(CNN)A student’s biggest dream is to walk across the stage during their school’s commencement ceremony; getting rushed off the stage is not.

This was the case for a number of African-American students at the University of Florida’s ceremony on Saturday.

 As students were called up to receive their diplomas, some decided to perform a quick celebratory dance. But a faculty member didn’t find the performances to his liking, and forcibly rushed the graduates off the stage.
Several people took to social media to post videos of the incidents, saying the man’s actions were unfair and unnecessary.
The videos quickly sparked outrage, with some who watched them accusing the university of racism.
Give me a break!! If it were a honkie student, there would NOT be a word whispered  about it.  Is there going to be a national protest over this?? I would say the kid is entitled to at least 2 or 3 mill for his embarrassment.
Wake up America; isn’t it time the PC-pathetics quit trying to make a big issue out of every-time some black person feels they have been insulted. I can’t help but wonder if the student contacted his ambulance chaser yet.
BUTT, it is quiet possible, the student himself didn’t see a problem with this action; only the media made an issue out of it. Gotta keep the racial fires stoked.
 “This is absolutely disgusting, these students have paid more (than) $40,000 in tuition and if they want to dance for 4 secs then it’s their prerogative,” Mackintosh Joachin, a student at the university, shared on Facebook.
I wouldn’t expect any different from the lad.
Just like it may be the students preoperative/desire to dance, it is the schools preoperative/duty to keep the ceremony moving.  If every student did a 4 second dance; it may take a few more hours to concluded.
There are enough REAL problems in this world without inventing more.

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