It is the Boulder Rollers turn in the box

Eric Schneiderman, powerful NY Democrat accused of violence against women and drug abuse, resigns as state attorney general


His close friends, the ones that know him intimately, call him Eric The Slapper and Eric The Choker, because of the violent assaults he has inflicted on some women.  I call him Eric the Hypocritical Coward.

Lately, the democrats have been having or trying to have a field day with the guys on the other side of the political fence, rolling all the boulders they could find at them. It seems they forgot the old saying. When you point the finger at someone, there are 3 pointing back at you. Now they have one of their own to deal with.


Schneiderman was accused in the wide-ranging report — co-written by Ronan Farrow — of hitting and choking women without their consent, asking to use “about half” of a woman’s prescription of the anti-anxiety drug Xanax, and mocking anti-gun demonstrators including parents from Sandy Hook Elementary School, the site of the 2012 shooting massacre, as “losers.”

Schneiderman, long a pillar of New York’s Democratic establishment and one of the highest ranking member of the Boulder Rollers Club,  a critic of President Trump, has cast himself as a supporter of the #MeToo movement after Farrow uncovered a long list of rape and sexual harassment accusations against the now-disgraced Hollywood titan Harvey Wineburger.

Andrew Cuomo


Statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo on New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman

Come on Andy.

It is apparent that this abuse was not a one time incident and has been going on for quiet sometime. It is hard to conceive that Cuomo and his staff members did not know about one of their own, Schniderman’s hobby of abusing women. If Cuomo and his people knew of this and let it persist, they are as guilty as The Choker. They only make their chivalrous move after the fact to cover their ass.

They are as bad as the higher echelon of Right Handers that did not report the abuse of the priests or the SILENT ONES in the colleges that concealed the crimes of some of their staff.  IF – If – IF these people would have dropped a quarter on the perverts sooner, there would have been a lot less victims.

Along with being a molester, The Choker is also a hypocrite. While he was pounding the hell out of the ladies, he was Rolling Boulders at Wineburger and others like him. Sounds like he and Matt The Mauler Lauer may be related.

In February, Schneiderman filed a civil rights lawsuit against the board of The Weinstein Company and brothers Harvey and Bob Weinstein. Schneiderman alleged that top executives at the film company were aware of Harvey Weinstein’s years of alleged sexual harassment and abuse, but did nothing.

Last month, Schneiderman praised the reporting of the New Yorker and The New York Times in the Weinstein matter, which gave rise to a worldwide conversation about sexual misconduct and accusations against powerful men in media and entertainment.

“Without the reporting of the @nytimes and the @newyorker—and the brave women and men who spoke up about the sexual harassment they endured at the hands of powerful men—there would not be the critical national reckoning underway,” Schneiderman tweeted on April 16. “A well-deserved honor.”

With names like The Choker and The Mauler, these two sadistic clowns should get together and organize a tag-team partnership and join the WWF. Only drawback for them; there will be a reversal in roles. Then they would be the poundees instead of the pounders.


They can call themselves; The Women Wampers.  Sounds appropriate to me.

Will this kind of misbehaving ever stop?? I don’t think so. Just like the rogue cops that get their rocks off beating people and the teachers with hot drawers that have sex with their students; they still do not get it. The fools are too ignorant to know, big brother is watching and sooner or later they will be caught.

All we can hope for is they don’t get a bleeding hearted judge or one that is on the take, that lets them off with house arrest. Let’s get justice for the ladies.


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