She hasn’t caught on yet …

Michelle Obama still questioning why women voted for Trump in 2016

Former first lady Michelle Obama said Saturday that she was “concerned about us as women and how we think” in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.

Yes; the same person that calls herself:

Michelle Obama Calls Herself the ‘Forever First Lady’ in Speech to ……/michelle-obama-says-im-your-forever-first-lady-students?pag…

4 days ago – Michelle Obama referred to herself as the “forever First Lady” in a speech to a group of high school students.

Helloooooo; how simple can the answer be??


She  may have not caught on yet; that voting should not be gender thing, a social thing, what kind of ride they have, where they hang their hats, how beautiful their wife is, where they buy their threads; it should be about electing the most qualified person.

I think that should pretty much sum-up Mrs. O’s question.

Mrs. O; get over it, American has spoken. THANK GOD for the outcome.



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1 Response to She hasn’t caught on yet …

  1. MICHELLE MA BELLE and of course Hillary Clinton, who is still whining, cannot stop, neither can her Kenyan born husband, a Muslim, Barrack Hussein Obama. ! America’s government must be the laughing stock of the world. Never in American history has a past president meddled in the administration of a sitting president. Totally UNPRECEDENTED. THE OBAMAS ARE TRASH, ALWAYS WERE, ALWAS WILL BE AND “he” IS NOT BORN IN AMERICA THUS possibly IGNORANT of our Constitution????. If anybody wants to believe that, they are fools.

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