I don’t have all the facts yet …..


Rudy Giuliani on Fox News insists Trump did not violate campaign finance laws

I see that PDT did it again when he appointed Giuliani to head his legal defense team. Another in a long line of poor choices.


Since his appointment, Giuliani has appeared on several TV interview programs where he was asked about the Tornado Tilly verses PDT fiasco. One would think that with all of the legal experience he has, The Big Apple’s X-mayor would know how to evade incriminating questions.  Just the opposite, he is making PDT’s already tenuous position even worse.

In an interview with Hannity; Rudy the Rudder said; But Giuliani later clarified for Fox News that the money Trump paid to Cohen was for unspecified “expenses,” and that the president was unaware that money would be going to Daniels.

Fox said; Trump made a payoff BUTT didn’t know what it was for. USA says; Trump acknowledges the pay off BUTT there was no affair. Either scenario are both bad news for PDT.

The old story guy about a guy who owned a very large business. He has 2 sons he wanted to take over the business one day. He tried as hard as he could to groom both of the boys on the in’s and out’s of being successful. As hard a he tried, the youngest kid was not cut out to run any business and was doing the old man more harm than good. The old man had no choice but to pay the kid to stay home and out of the limelight. Maybe this is what PDT should do with some of his prime choices to represent him; pay them to stay home.

Donald Trump says Rudy Giuliani is new to his legal team and ‘will get …

https://www.independent.co.uk › News › World › Americas › US politics


2 days ago – President Donald Trump said his newest lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, is a “great guy” but still learning all the facts about the myriad of legal issues the president is facing. “He started yesterday. He’ll get his facts straight. He’s a great guy,” Mr Trump said speaking to the media at Joint Base Andrews base about to …

I don’t know if it is just me, BUTT I would be very reluctant to have someone out in the public’s eye representing me that was not qualified, didn’t have all the facts; or most of all, not given permission to expound on them.

When asked about the Tornado Tilly deal, all Rudy should have said; I didn’t have all the facts yet. 



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