Hundreds including Putin’s most prominent foe arrested in Russia

Hundreds including Putin’s most prominent foe arrested in Russia

I would love to see how the Bolder Rollers would fare in Russia. They use an entirely different method they use to deal with their dissidence.

They are only as flagrant and vile as they are because they get away with it. They don’t know how good they had it.

I am very surprised that PDT has not thrown a few of them in jail that severely crossed the allowable line of decency.

Like Madonna that was threatening to blow the White House up. To me that should be a serious threat, punishable bye some serious time in a serious prison.

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2 Responses to Hundreds including Putin’s most prominent foe arrested in Russia

  1. And the American goof balls like Obama, Bernie Sanders and the entire Democratic Party officials should really try a few years in Russia or other communist countries to clear their ignorant heads. America is a country of capitalists and the criers for socialism only find socialism/communism suitable for the PEOPLE (their subjects) while they amass millions and billions from salaries that no ordinary person could enrich him or herself with. SO DEMOCRATS/LIBERALS WHERE ARE YOUR BRAINS? #potus,#berniesanders

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