Before the ink was dry …..

Iran vows not to renegotiate as Trump’s key decision on nuclear deal’s future looms

Even before the ink was dry;

Iran nuclear deal framework – Wikipedia

On 22 July 2015, Abbas Araghchi, Iran’s deputy foreign minister who led the negotiations, made an announcement on state-controlled television that the recently reached nuclear deal with the world powers did not include limitations on Iran’s weapons capabilities or missile power and that Tehran would keep arming its self.
As stated millions of times by millions of people, the Iran deal was the most one-sided, irresponsible, egregious deal ever put together in the history of the world. All because ONE MAN, Barrack Obama was looking for material to put in his 1.5 billion dollar library when it is built. He wanted to go into the history books and be remembered or revered on several accounts.
# 1: The first president to come up with a national healthcare plan for the American people.
# 2: The man who made peace with the Muslim World, in the interim, have Iran agree to discontinue their nuclear program.
Between the two of his initiatives, they were the biggest, costly, disastrous and most dangerous pieces of legislation ever drawn up in the history of the USA. ALL BECAUSE, one man wanted his name in the history books.  I am sure that will eventuate; BUTT will history be truthfully told?? I doubt it.
Now PDT has a situation on his hands; what to do with this whore deal that was made with Iran. Before the ink was dry Iran broke its part of the deal dozens of times and flaunted it in the face of the Guy with the Muslim name, literally telling him to kiss their ass. What did the GUY with the Muslim last name do to reward them; gave them 151 billion dollar$ to help them destroy the world, with the USA being their top priority.
Let us not forget; the Muslims as a whole want to eventually control the world.
I would take a calculated guess and say; if he was a truthful man (????) EVEN Obama has to admit that deal was the most disastrous  deals ever made.
Now it is the lap of PDT to straighten it out.  These are very critical decisions that NEED to be made. If not, they can escalate into something far much worse than it is today, if that is possible.
I will put this dilemma on the same parallel as someone who has cancer.  We all know, the sooner cancer is detected and  proactive measures are taken to destroy the cancerous cells, the better the chances are that the disease can be eradicated.  By ignoring it and letting it grow, only allows it to become advanced to be enhanced, with deadly consequences.
I don’t know if this is TOOOOO deep for some of the Flower Children – PC-ers or pacifists to grasp, BUTT those are to cold hard facts.  Although we can not nip it in the bud, (the damage is done already) we have to chop down the diseased tree before it matures.
There are some fools in this country that think; it can not happen to me , on our soil, in the USA. I have news for them.  Somewhere down the line, it can and it will if measures are not taken to prevent that.
If we would have given NK a couple of more years, there is no doubt that they would have perfected their rocket program to reach the USA.  In turn, if Iran goes unchecked, there is no doubt in my mind they will develop (if they haven’t already) the capability to blow the USA off the map. After all; with the help, assistance, benevolence, kindness of his heart, ignorance, Obama absolutely has helped them achieve their goals.
I suggest that PDT has to take the same hardball stand with Iran as he has with The Kid Dick-Tator; to ABSOLUTELY include the same support system from France, the UK and the rest of the free worlds powerhouses.
FOLKS; it is reality. The ONLY things some people/countries understand is someone who is more powerful than they are and are willing and committed to buy their Wolf Tickets.
God hates a coward, BUTT bullies love them!!!!
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3 Responses to Before the ink was dry …..

  1. The German Press, ARD / Tagesschau reported on the Iran Deal that is currently in jeopardy due to President Trump’s intent to stop it/ end it. GOOD IDEA! However, Germany is whining and telling us that it would be a catastrophe, now that “Iran is abiding by the rules”, what a joke! What concerns Germany ONLY is the economic impact by Companies whose business dealings may be threatened for instance selling automobiles, aircrafts and everything else. The network is showing us interviews in Iran with Iranians complaining about America. WHY DON’T THEY COMPLAIN TO THEIR OWN DICTATOR GOVERNMENT, THUGS REALLY THAT ARE SITTING AT THE TOP. No government should EVER TRUST IRAN WITH ITS CURRENT GOVERNMENT. And s far as John Kerry’s interference is concerned, he is an idiot.

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