Corruption at its finest

Rudy Giuliani: I’m sorry Hillary, but you’re a criminal

You have to watch this video to believe the power, control and dominance the Clinton Machine has in this country.  There has been very little to no accountability on their part to pay for the crimes they have committed. The laundry list is mind boggling.

These are the same people and their army of loyal supporters that are trying to hang PDT out to dry for having an affair??

Because of their clout, I don’t think we  will ever see justice served by charging them with the crimes they have perpetrated. It is staring them in the face, how can they deny it.

When Giuliani and Hannity say they fear for the future of this country, I totally agree with them. One of the most dangerous elements we have to deal with is the power of the PC movement. They seem to be picking up steam every day, with little opposition from the other side.

This country has to be so grateful we elected a man like PDT that seems, as our leader, to be our only hope of salvation from the extreme-left-wingers; who because of their absence of physical and mental discipline, they eventually will self-destructive.

If left unopposed the PC-ers will be the ruination of the USA and the world.  It has been proven that weak, complacent, soft societies have NEVER  survived for any length of time.  Because of their twisted and pacifistic mentality, the citizens become weak sisters, and too lethargic defend themselves.

I keep asking myself; where the hell is the SILENY MSAJORITY that once had a strong voice in our country?? They seem to have dried up and withered away.  If in fact that SILENT MAJORITY movement is not resurrected, we are in GRAVE danger.

Only intelligent and the realistic people will recognize the reality of what is going on.  The others stick their heads in the sand and pretend all is well. Bad situations are NEVER solved by candy-coating them or pretending he do not exist.  If this PC and ultra-liberal movement is not reigned in, like Batman said to Robin; the best is yet to come.



Barrack Obama did his best to revolutionize all of the old school values that once made this country great while he was in office with his over the top philosophies, and CHC vowed to continue with his legacy if she got elected.

I say for no other reason; Jimmy Boy Comey should get the man of the year award for putting the screws to CHC getting elected, whether he intended to or not.  Some may say it was divine intervention.

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