Shooting down sewer mouth; about time ..

My faith in human-nature is not completely dead.  There are people from all sides of the spectrum that are putting the boots to this lame-brained, screaming banchee,  SEWER MOUTHED creature that calls herself a lady and a journalist; because of her deplorable behavior.

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Sewer Mouth proved a couple of things over the weekend. She is an idiot – she could fit all of her brain in a thimble – she is a disgrace to women-hood, absolutely disgusting in her misbehavior and most of all, the comedian IS NOT FUNNY. Anyone else that sees the humor in what she spewed out of the trash mouth, I will place them in the same category.

Each week, USA TODAY’s OnPolitics blog takes a look at how media from the left and the right reacted to a political news story, giving liberals and conservatives a peek into the other’s media bubble.

This week, liberals and conservatives reacted to Saturday Night’s White House Correspondents Dinner, and the controversial jokes from comedian Michelle Wolf, who hosted the event. Many on both sides thought Wolf’s material crossed the line by being mean rather than funny, criticizing her for perceived attacks on White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders’ appearance. 

Some journalists agreed that Wolf went too far, including CNN’s Chris Cillizza, who wrote, “Bullying is bullying. And it’s wrong. Always.” But many liberals defended Wolf for speaking truth to power and making her elite company uncomfortable. They also cried hypocrisy in response to critics who attacked Wolf’s comments but have remained silent on President Trump’s nearly daily invectives. 

Some of the liberal mental midgets, they  know who they are, are complete failures. If it were not for them fools that share their same demented taste in what they consider entertainment, they probably would find themselves hanging off a a garbage truck yelling; PULL UP.


Hey FOLKS; let us put all the foolishness aside and work together for a better America.  We are all in it together; all either win together or lose together. Let us not have a few imbeciles drag us down to their level.

Optimistically; we can turn this insanity around and start respecting one-other.

Take the old comics; Red Skelton – Jack Benny and the other who were hilarious and never uttered a cuss word or insulted anyone.  These days, they are all going after the jugular trying to out-due the fool before them.

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