BUTT he didn’t vote!!!

Gutfeld: Kanye West did something brave

Do something different and the mob tears you to pieces. Kanye did it as an example for others and others will follow.

I think it is commendable that West has seen that PDT was the right person to sit in the Big Chair. BUTT, there is always a BUTT.  What did he do wrong, he did not vote.

In a recent statement he said;  If I would have voted I would have voted for Trump.  We all know what the old cliche is; if the rabbit didn’t stop to take a crap, the hound dogs would not have caught him. IF being the key word is relevant.

It is praiseworthy that West has the courage to come out and support PDT with all of the negativity circling POTUS; that shows West has a set of goolunies. BUTT again, he also had the nuts to grab the microphone away from Taylor Swift at an award show.  The guy is a loose cannon.


I say; thank him for his support. Even though he may have not voted (a big no-no; people that do not vote should not have an opinion) , his acknowledgement of PDT’s accomplishments may help turn some of the doubters heads.

I don’t see PDT having West as the Godfather to his next kid!!

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