John Williams, accused of killing sheriff’s deputy in Maine, has been captured

John Williams, accused of killing sheriff’s deputy in Maine, has been captured

Sooner there has to be a stern message sent to these son of a bitches. If it is absolutely sure that they are guilty of the crime, especially in the killing of a law enforcement officer; we should dig up Judge Roy Bean the hanging judge and find the nearest tree. This cop killing insanity has to come to a screeching halt.

The men and women in blue that are out there putting their life on the line every day to protect society all have Targets on their back. Is this what we call being civilized?

If these animal thugs do not have any qualms about the brutality of their crimes, there should be no objection to stretching their neck.

Judge Bean, where the hell are you.

Lynching may serve as a deterrent to some of them wackjobs out there and give them a change of heart.

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