An insinuation is just as harmful …..

Trump: Top Dem. should resign after former VA nominee Jackson’s reputation ‘shattered’

All it takes is one insinuation, whether it’s right, wrong or a perhaps; false claims and finger pointing have been enough to destroy people’s lives forever.

Nothing can be worse than being accused of something that you are not guilty of.


I see some of the people who have been falsely accused of crimes and sent to prison for decades, only to find out, mainly because of DNA that they are not guilty. My heart bleeds for them.

VA nominee Ronny Jackson dished out opioids, wrecked vehicle while drunk, colleagues say

WASHINGTON — Current and former colleagues of Navy Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson have told Senate investigators that Jackson repeatedly drank on duty, has an “explosive” temper and garnered the nickname “candy man” among White House staff because of his prolific prescription practices.

At a Secret Service going away party, investigators reported, Jackson allegedly got drunk and “wrecked a government vehicle.”

One nurse said Jackson, President Trump’s nominee to be secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, also wrote himself prescriptions, and when caught, he directed his assistant to write them for him instead. He also provided a “large supply” of Percocet, an opioid medication, to a White House staffer, which sent medical staff “into a panic” when they couldn’t account for the missing medication.

VA nominee Ronny Jackson withdraws amid allegations he dished out opioids, drank on duty

Jackson’s nomination lasted less than a month as he came under withering criticism, first for a lack of management experience, and then this week, for accusations by colleagues that he improperly dished out opioids, drank on the job and fostered a hostile work environment at the White House medical office where he is physician to the president.

PDT stand solidly in Jackson’s corner, BUTT is that a smart choice IF these allegations are correct?

The thing I find interesting; why is it that so many people wait so long before coming forward with their claims? I think a lot of it is politically inspired and motivated, with one side trying to discredit the other.

In so many other cases, whether sexual, political or criminal (all the same), it is very unlikely that the accused is not guilty of at least some of the incidents.

Those charges came on top of previous, independent investigations in 2012 and 2013 that found he engaged in “unprofessional behaviors” that contributed to a “toxic” workplace and recommended he “hone his self-awareness” of behaviors that gave staff the impression they were “purely politically driven for his self-advancement.”

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders had defended Jackson on Wednesday, saying his record was “impeccable” as a White House doctor, but she also said White House officials were reviewing the latest allegations, which were uncovered during a Senate investigation.

Who the hell are we supposed to believe??

To the best of my recollection; I don’t ever remember so many appointees or people who took office and left in such a short amount of time as with the PDT administration.

Is it because the appointees were never scrutinized to this extent before by the opposing party, or is PDT and his advisors not doing the proper vetting as they should?? It very well can be a combination of both!!!

If Jackson is gulty of these infractions, I do agree that he should not hold that office.

BUTT, I am still wait to see anyone that claims to being a Lily White, political virgin to come forweard.

-cast-the-first-stone (2)

Every – everyone – everyone has skeleton in their closet, only some people  have more than other.


In the meantime, the VA is still sailing without a Captain of the ship.

I recently had an occasion to be involved with the VA on a personal level and was pleasantly surprised to see it was being run with efficiency. Someone is doing something right.

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