Kim Jong Un pens message of peace in South Korea’s Peace House

Ladies and gents; cold, hard, unfortunate fact: I have said this many times; the only thing that some people understand is a person that can be and will be if necessary more violent than they are.


If there is anyone out there that does not agree with the fact, the only reason The Kid dictator signed a peace agreement is on account of PDT and his no-nonsense way of governing, they are mistaken. PDT doesn’t sell Wolf Tickets, he buys them.

The signing of the peace agreement between North and South Korea is not only super-beneficial for both countries but for the entire world. We cannot lose sight of the fact that we had/have a spoiled brat, crack-pot with nuclear weapons that was ready to use them if he does not get his way.

What put the icing on the cake and forced The Kid to have a change of heart; is when the USA and France bombed Syria for their use of chemical weapons.  This initiate  should have been taken years ago, but was neglected because we had a pacifist, bleeding hearted, PC pounding president.

Never in the HISTORY OF THE WORLD has the weaker side of a battle ever won the war.

When the kid saw the power of the United States and France inflicted on Syria, combined with the sanctions imposed on his country and we had two presidents that we’re not going to succumb to his juvenile deadly games, all of a sudden he had a change of heart. The kid may be dumb is not stupid.
If anyone thinks that this Monumental occasion would have ever come to fruition with CHC sitting in the big chair, they are sorely mistaken. Just like Obama, CHC would have been on her hands and knees begging the guy to cooperate.

I am not foolish enough to think that the kid is 100%; he never has been and never will be. The fact of the matter is, we have to take what we can when we can get it.  We have him on the ropes and it is our business to keep him there; always keeping are finger on the trigger and our eye on the hog.

This is a monumental day for the entire world. PDT and PEM should get the recognition they deserves for initiating the no nonsense way this situation was handled.



Let nobody kid them-self, this event is not going unnoticed with Russia, China, Syria and Iran.  As I said; when Syria was getting bombed, The Kid was glued to his TV.

The one thing that really impressed me; PDT develop the coalition to put the boots to Syria and the USA did not go It Alone. If that would have happened, we may not have been witnessing what we are seeing today.  In the long run, MIGHT IS ALWAYS RIGHT!!

I would like to stretch my optimism out a little. Hopefully, The Kid has seen the light and possibly BUTT, doubtful, he may want to bring his country out of the dark ages and join the rest of the free world. Miracles are always possible BUTT very probable.

God Bless America – Vive La France; let us hope that this is just a precursor for better things to come.

To all of the BOULDER ROLLERS; open your eyes and shut your mouth; this is the way it is supposed to be handled!! You CAN NOT argue with success; something you know very little about.

LOGO gg - Copy

                    A great day for peace is; when all the leaders of the world

                    would put aside their own personal agenda and reflect                                         on what  is best for the entire world.

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