Longshoremen or Teamsters would have been more suitable


Clinton cursed about ‘disgusting’ Trump during debate prep, book claims

Hillary Clinton went on a “fuck-laced fusillade” against “disgusting” Donald Trump during a 2016 debate preparation session amid her frustration of appearing inauthentic to voters, a new book about the presidential campaign claims.

With a mouth like hers, CHC would have been better off running for the president of the teamsters or longshoremen unions; she could have fit right in.

Bill Clinton ‘casually encouraged’ Trump to run for president before 2016 race: book

That was probably the best advice Wild Bill could have ever given anyone.

CHC would have been better off having Wild Bill locked up for a couple of years while she was blazing the trail, for all the good her did her.

Chelsea Clinton slams reporter over book details on former first daughter’s hair

Is there anything in that book that is accurate???

Most probably the only relevant/apropos 2 words in the book are, THE END

Cops hailed for keeping calm as ex-Clinton fundraiser ranted

Like teacher,  like student. Listen to one of CHC’s protegé get into the cops face dropping F-Bombs after being pulled over by the cops.


I guess the old cliché; why don’t you act like a lady, is passe’. 

I would suggest anger management for CHC and this Queen of Mean would be in order!! Getting that pissed off and out of control can be very damaging to the scalp.

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