The pot calling the kettle BLACK


U.S. Press Freedom Ranking Falls Again, Thanks To ‘Media-Bashing Enthusiast’ Trump

WASHINGTON ― President Donald Trump’s unrelenting attacks on the free press have created a “Trump effect” promoting antagonism against journalists in the U.S. and abroad, the media watchdog and advocacy group Reporters Without Borders said Wednesday in its annual World Press Freedom Index.

The U.S. dropped two spots in the world ranking, to 45th, from last year. The group, also known as Reporters Sans Frontières, attributed the downgrade to Trump’s incendiary anti-press rhetoric and his attempts to curtail media access.


The rankings cite an overall decline in global press freedom, with a “climate of hatred” for the press that is “openly encouraged by political leaders.” The report said this is occurring in authoritarian countries that regularly rank at the bottom, including Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Russia, China and North Korea.

You got to be kidding me. These poll takes must be sniffing some white powder or something. Now we have in our organization called The World Press Freedom Index that is bashing PDT for the dissension between the press and PDT.

From where I sit, it seems to me that the majority of what PDT is throwing back at the media is in retaliation for the number they are CONSTANTLY trying to do on him and his family.

Besides being gigantic fools, most of  the media are a bunch of hypocrites by trying to put the blame on him.  Will I agree that PDT has been very vocal in his own defense?? Absolutely yes. Isn’t that what any man should do?? Key word being a MAN!! Most of the Boulder Rollers would not know the significance of the word MAN by the juvenile way the act.

These PC-fools have their heads so far up their ass it is pathetic. They would not know the truth if it bit them where their heads are stuck.


I suppose that when the media and their partners in crime bash the hell out PDT’s family, they expect him to take that laying down.

This morning is one of the first times I have seen any news organization give Melina any kind of recognition for how she was dressed and the marvelous job she did with the State Dinner and hosting Macron and his wife. All they have done was try to pick apart the lady since her OLD MAN was elected. Sometimes, getting a low as to criticize her wearing tennis shoes. That is bottom of the barrel tactics to me.

USA Today

Melania Trump swaps stilettos for sneakers, FLOTUS cap in flooded south Texas


Possibly even lower, when SNL bashed Baron.

Come on fools, if you have a LEGITIMATE BITCH with PDT; I said LEGITIMATE BITCH, air it out and let it go. Leave his family out of it.

Give me a %$@*&% break you bunch of pathetic gossips. If you are going to bash, do it for something credible.  You are just showing your ignorance.

Possibly the The World Press Freedom Index is connected with the TIME 100 Gala that honored Maxine Waters?? We all know the old saying; fools of a feather flop together.

It would not surprise me.



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