What a great marriage!!!!!

This what I am talking about !!


I just finished watching the news conference between PDT and the President of France Macron.

Anyone on any side of any aisle that can find a fault based on what this relationship has developed into between the two countries, and what their future plans are, has to have rocks in their head.

PDT has gone into so many troubled areas in a short amount of time that no other president has ever done, attempted to or succeeded in; especially our last president. He should be commended for his accomplishments.

Many people laughed at citizen Trump when he made the prediction in his campaign that he would be the best president this country has ever seen. He just made fulfill that prophecy.

I don’t care what motivates the man, if it all about ego or about patriotism. The fact of the matter; HE IS GETTING THE JOB DONE. Are many of his maneuvers unorthodox or out of the ordinary?? Absolutely yes.  BUTT, the proof is in the pudding.

I think he is doing a phenomenal job in all areas and has just begun to get himself stabilized in the Big Chair. The Best Is Yet To Come.

download (5).jpg

Let us not lose site of the fact; the man is NOT taking a paycheck.

I would LOVE to take a survey of all the multi-billionaire and millionaires in congress and the senate and ask, how many of them would work for nothing. Don’t hold your breath.  I don’t care if PDT needs the $oldi or not, neither do most of them.

I cannot even imagine what type of financial and Military dilemma the United States would be in if CHC and her right hand man Slick Willie would be sitting in the love-seat. It would be a total disaster/catastrophic.

We have never had a president like PDT that shoots straight from the hip and tells it like it is (most of the time in fairness)  regardless of whose toes he may step on in the process.
He pulls no punches and for the most part, honest as the day is long when it comes to politics in this country.

In his speech today, he had no problem whatsoever stating that the Democratic Party is dragging this country down. The only thing they have on their agenda is to do everything in their power, legally or illegally, to make PDT look bad and to try to disrupt any of his recommendations or suggestions.

The Boulder Rollers that are staunchest contributors to this mayhem, the ones leading the sheep, are despicable people who have no regard for this country and its well-being. The only thing that matters to them is there very selfish, egotistical, twisted mentality.

PDT has seen the wisdom in joining forces with France and the UK to build strong long-lasting alliance with them to protect our countries from terrorist around the world..

In his speech today, PDT also stated that the countries who have been the recipients of our extremely generous blanket of protection are going to have to start paying your fair share to support these were efforts. He did say they will pay and I believe him.

As far as I am concerned, the United States is in strongest military position we have been for many years.  Beside that fact, we have begun regaining the respect that is due us because of our benevolence and generosity in protecting the rest of the free world.

We now have a commander and chief that is solid as the Rock of Gibraltar. He is not only making America great again; he is making the United States respected again.

One of my most fervent wishes would be, for the Boulder Rollers to open their eyes, acknowledge the good that PDT is doing and assist him in moving forward in the future.

If they put all of the time, effort and money into their attempt to topple PDT and put it into constructive endeavors, there would be no end to what United States could accomplish in this country and throughout the world.

There are a few issues the PDT and Macron do not agree on, but their relationship has just began. At least the USA, because of PDT’s patriotism and his commitment to the American people, he is moving our country forward.

God Bless America and Vive La France.

PDT told the French President Macron, he is proud to call them his friend.

All pluses FOLKS. Support PDT and his efforts to Making America Great Again.



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