Prosecutor says Cosby used good-guy rep to harm women

Prosecutor says Cosby used good-guy rep to harm women

It is really a shame that Dr. Huxtable had this dark side to him. He was one of the few notable people in the black community that tried to steer the younger generation on the right direction.

There were many instances where he told the kids to accept responsibility on their own and quit blaming everybody else for their shortcomings, especially the white people.

I thought that was very commendable and a credit to him

Only to find out a few months later that he had this very dark side to him that really had a great impact negatively on his credibility.

It is really a shame that someone could be so good in one area and so bad at the other simultaneously. Such as life.

He definitely should get the most severe penalty connected with the crimes he committed for all of the mental and physical damage he inflictrd on his victims.

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