Beware of the hedge trimmers Lads

Fox News

Woman says she cut off boyfriend’s penis with garden shears because he leaked sex tape, reports say

A hot blooded woman from Argentina cutting off her boyfriend’s prize possession with gardening scissors for revenge.  The demoniacal damsel was pissed off because he showed his friends their homemade sex tapes. Could be she was hot because she didn’t have her on makeup on or she wasn’t smiling??

Brenda Barattini, 26, allegedly committed the revenge attack in the Nueva Cordoba area of the Argentine city of Cordoba last November, which left her 40-year-old boyfriend with 90 percent of his penis chopped off, and in life-threatening condition.


Cordoba was supposed to interview with a landscaping company next week. Unfortunately, now every time he hears the chopping sound shears make, he breaks out into a cold sweat.

I hope she left him enough to grab on so he doesn’t piss all over himself when he is choking his much smaller chicken.


Let this be a lesson to all the studs out there that want to be stars in a porno flick.



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