New disturbing video of Syracuse frat brothers comes to light

New disturbing video of Syracuse frat brothers comes to light

One would think that these fraternal fools would learn by now that their behavior is unacceptable and they have to pay the consequences for it.

I bet their mommy and daddy are thrilled with their mischievous Behavior.

It’s got to cost a pretty penny to send these kids to a school like Syracuse only to have them piss away their hard earned money on foolishness.

Cost Breakdown
$43,440 tuition
$15,217 on campus room & board
$1,440 books and supplies
$1,582 fees

That total does NOT include all the booze and rugs these fools purchase. Sad to say, they are our future leaders.

I like the last item; FEES 1,582$ – must be side money for the dean and his squeeze.

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