What is next?

Putin declares US-led strike on Syria an ‘act of aggression,’ others in Moscow issue warnings

Batten down the hatches folks; there may be some very rough seas ahead.

It is a very complex/demanding/thankless position to be in, when the USA has taken on the duty as the care-taker and watch- dog for the world.

Many years ago, the USA took on the unenviable role of being the BIG BROTHER, caretaker and banker of the world. Why we ask? Much of it was political, criminal, compassion played a role and a multitude of other circumstances.

Be that as it may; the USA has been dubbed/knighted the Big Brother and the go-to-country wherever there is a dilemma. That role has cost of trillions of dollar$ and 100’s of 1,000’s of lives. Much of what we have suffered for other people/countries has gone unappreciated and EXPECTED as a given when their chips are down.

Many of the wars, military actions, skirmishes we got ourselves into was to protect the financial interests of American investors across the pond. My sentiments have always been; I didn’t force the guy to climb Mt. Everest; BUTT after considering all the dangerous implications he decides to go it anyway, when he gets stranded, is it our responsibility to bail him out??  Should the taxpayers spend billion$ or trillion$ of taxpayers money rescuing people that have no business being where they are?? That is one scenario.

Looking at the humanitarian aspect of the situations, the USA has always been a giving, compassionate and caring nation. The downside of it is, like being the rich uncle that everyone mooches from, when the guy get old and goes broke because of is generosity, no one knows his name.

Being the BIG BROTHER, caretaker and banker of the world is a very tough position to be in.

The situation in Syria is like no other condition we have ever been involved in. The Syrian Butcher Assad, along with the help and sanctioning of Russia and Iran has used chemical weapons on his own people, killing and maiming 10’s of 1,000’s of them.  Calling him an animal would be an insult to a mad dog.

I don’t care where a person comes from, what country, what religion they profess to (if any), what race they are, socioeconomic background they come from; the use of chemical weapons is and should be considered strictly taboo.


Because of their lethal and inhumane consequences, chemical weapons were banned by all countries after WW I.

U.S. and Russia Reach Deal to Destroy Syria’s Chemical Arms – The …


Sep 14, 2013 – GENEVA — The United States and Russia reached a sweeping agreement on Saturday that called for Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons to be destroyed.

In true Russian fashion, Russia did not uphold their part of the agreement. As a matter of fact, to show just how dishonest Russia is, one of their diplomats had the brass balls to imply, the UK staged the chemical attacks and made it look like Syria was at fault. Pathetic. At least, if they are going to support Syria, have the backbone admit their complicity.

Was bombing Syria the right thing for BIG BROTHER to do? Can the USA, the leader of the FREE WORLD, stand by and watch these atrocities take place? OR do we, do what should have been done by Barrack Obama (The Commander-in-Chief/Wolf Ticket Salesman), jeopardize our country by getting involved in some other country’s war??  It is a very tough call to make. If Obama would have acted as promised after he drew the line in the sand, this day may have never come.

One very important factor. This military action was not taken to interfere in the civil war that has been going on in years; it was retaliation for Syria using chemical weapons.

It changes the entire complexion of the situation. Instead of the USA going it alone,  PDT made a smart move  getting the UK and France partnered in the raid with us. If The Judo Guy is going to retaliate, he has multiple partners to deal with.

One reason I agree with PDT’s decision to take actions, there are chemical weapons involved. If no action was taken at this time, where does it end?? An agreement is only as good as the integrity of the people that make/sign it.

PDT has been criticized by many this morning for not getting congressional approval. We all know how expedient congress is. IF that position would have been taken, it would have delayed any retaliation for months and absolutely show our hole card to the enemy.

Let us all hope and pray that this will prevent further actions of this sort in the future. BUTT, I am not too optimistic. Just like when a person is trying to get rid of a hornet’s nest with a stick, they more they poke at it and disturb the nest the more pissed off the hornets get.

I can not imagine that The Judo Guy is going to take this laying down. His ego is TOOO big to let this indirect attack go unchallenged.

As I alluded to in other post; I am sure that the Kid-Dick-Tator had his eyes glued to his communist controlled TV network. This raid may serve as a message to him and others; the days of using the USA for a door mat are over.

It is time for ALL AMERICANS to put their personal differences aside and ban together as a nation and support PDT. What we are witnessing may be just the tip of the ice-pick!!

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