Jimmy the Lumber-jack ….

Fired FBI director calls President Trump ‘untethered to the truth’ in explosive new book

I am dubbing Jim Comey the Lumber-jack because he is trying to chop PDT to shreds in his new tell all book.


“Comey paints a devastating portrait of a president who built ‘a cocoon of alternative reality that he was busily wrapping around all of us.’ Comey describes Trump as a congenital liar and unethical leader, devoid of human emotion and driven by personal ego.

I personally think, the ex-dishonored, FBI head should not hold back and tell the public exactly what he really thinks of PDT. He seems to me a little reserved.

Let us dissect each label he put on PDT to evaluate it.

  1. Congenital liar: Name ONLY one politician in this country that is not.  That comes with the job. They all have to be good bull-shitters to out-due the competition.
  2. Unethical leader: Leader being the key word; PDT does not play by the conventional rules. BUTT he does kick ass and take names. Is he right all the time?? Hello no!! Who is?? He is exactly what the American have wanted for years; a good business, no non-sense business man to run the country.
  3.  Devoid of human emotion: There is something many people do not understand about a good/superior leader. That is why there are so few of them in this world, and I would suggest Comey was not one of them. A superior leader is a person that has to walk a fine line between being a taskmaster/tyrant and a compassionate person that deals with facts, using common sense and can not be concerned about THE POPULARITY CONTEST.  Is there an appearance about in them of what people may mistake as arrogance. Absolutely yes!!  Arrogance and extreme self-confidence walk a very tight rope together and can be mistaken for one another. Without a very sound base and a super positive attitude, we do not have a superior leader.  People in that position usually do not wear their heart on their sleeve and may seem to be devoid of human emotion. Possibly Comey should have had a little more of what he is criticizing PDT for having an abundance of.

Comey left out a couple of descriptions of PDT while he was chopping him to shreds. PDT is a go-getter that gets the job done.  He may be a little rough around the edges, BUTT the proof is in the pudding. Look at what he has accomplished since he has been in office.



He has BALLS MADE OF STEEL and is able to deal with any and all the tasks of being the president and will not be the laughing stock of the world as we have seen in previous administrations.

He is a super patriot that loves the USA dearly.  We can not say the same for Comey. Comey would have not leaked sensitive information to the press while he was the head of the FBI.  I think that is called a traitor.

Does PDT have some hang-ups? You bet-ja. BUTT put everything into a big bowl, mix it up thoroughly and what mixture do we have?  A man that is going to get the job done and not someone that rolls over and beg like a wounded puppy. Without honor and dignity, what does a person or a country have??

Comey has to be the lead guy on Chubby Checkers POP CHART: How low can you go.

He even had the nerve to bring up PDT’s marriage in his book.

In the book, which hits shelves April 17, Comey goes so far as to question the strength of Trump’s marriage to his wife, Melania, after revealing that Trump asked him to investigate salacious allegations about his actions with Russian prostitutes.

“It bothered [President Trump] if there was ‘even a one percent chance’ his wife, Melania, thought it was true,” Comey wrote,according to the New York Post. Later on, Comey mused: “In what kind of marriage, to what kind of man, does a spouse conclude there is only a 99 percent chance her husband didn’t do that?”

What $#@^&* business is it for anyone to judge someone else marriage?  The only two people that really what goes on behind closed doors are the married couple.

The most dishonest occupation in the world (politics) has turned into a popularity contest instead of; how efficiently is the person getting the job done. A superior boss/leader can not worry about stepping on peoples toes or pleasing everyone.  They must rule the land by the laws of the land, as written. Cold, hard, calculated, sound decisions have to be made for the betterment of ALL the people as a whole.

Truly intelligent people should see the merit of  pull together toward a common goal. The fools will always pull in the opposite direction, no matter what the course or circumstances may be. That is EXACTLY what we are see in the GAME of politics. Conditions have never been worse for the USA as a divided nation.  Do these incompetence people on all sides of the fence really know what harm they are doing the country  by their juvenile behavior??

My main concern about anyone that sits in the Big Chair is; how they get the complete job done for all the American people, by keeping us ALL safe, secure, employed and out of war.  I don’t care about his marital status, who they may have rolled in the hay with way back when, or if they pissed in their pants in the 2nd grade.

As far as Comey goes; he was supposed to be the symbol of and stand for honesty and integrity by serving as the director of one of the most prestigious and highly respected offices in the land and he failed miserably.  As the old saying goes; if she will cheat on her husband, she will cheat on her lover.

Of all the Boulder Rollers out there, I have yet to see anyone of them that could even come lose to accomplishing what PDT has since being in office.

My opinion has always been; if you can not do a better job, shut the %$#@ up.

God hate a coward and a turncoat.

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