A delicate a situation as it can get …..

U.S. concerned about triggering wider war as it weighs strike on Syria

They absolutely should be concerned. This is one of the reason I suggested that any of our activities be a UN decision where multiple nations are involved. In unity there is strength.

It is not beyond the realm of possibility, that something as sensitive as this can trigger WW III.

This is where the EXPERTS come in and we have to hope they make the right decisions.

I would not want to have the unenviable task of calling this one.  Millions of lives ca be at stake.

The COLD HARD facts are, that Syrian madman can not continue to use lethal chemical weapons on his people.  First it is them and then who else??

I am the not least bit concerned about the back-lash from Syria, it is the Russian involvement that bothers me.

The entire world will be walking on eggs until this matter is settled. On the other side of the coin, there are numerous other issues waiting to be resolved.  We are living in a very tenuous time.

The people in the USA have to understand; the enemy we are dealing with do not share the same mentality as we do in our concern for human life. This is one of the primary reasons they have the upper hand in most situation, because they use our civility and compassion against us.

Don’t you think that the Kid Dick-Tator is not watching closely as to how the USA handles this.  If we follow the same pacifist pattern we have for decades, we will be dead meat in his hands.

War is ugly and brutal, BUTT we can not allow these tyrants to run amuck without paying the consequences.

Lets hope that PDT and The Judo Guy can put their heads together and come up with a REAL SOLUTION.

Even if you don’t believe in GOD; pray anyway!!!!

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