Dangerous – social media

Lets face it FOLKS; if we had to tag a website numerically, from 1 – 10, 1 being the worst and 10 the best, logically we have to give Face-Book the booby prize of a #1.

To put things into perspective, the website itself may not be the most dangerous element, it has to be the users that give it the # 1 ranking.

EXAMPLE: This is what you may see on some posts

My family and I are going on vacation for 2 weeks; feel free to come and rob my house while we are gone. No need to break in, the key to the house is under the flower pot next to the front door.

That may be slightly exaggerated, BUTT not too far off from some of the messages some foolish people post on the site.


There are some who are so addicted to the social media, they categorize and post every activity they do during the course of a day.  Have they ever stopped to consider that 1,000,000’s of people can see exactly what they are doing and what their location is?? This is one of the reason there have been so many crimes committed that are social media connected.



The social media seems to have some people under hypnosis by the way they divulge their personal information for the entire world to see.  They have an obsession to tell it all.

Many times I am lead to believe that there are sites specifically engineered to obtain personal information and use it for nefarious reasons.  Sooner or later the social media craze is going come crashing down hard on everyone. I think we are seeing some backlash now.

The public has ABSOLUTELY no privacy whatsoever. Much of it is their own fault. To make a bad situation worse, there is credible evidence that our cell phones – smart TV’s –  ALEXA gadgets and many other electronics are listening and videoing our activates and conversations constantly.  This is what I send to them from my little buddy.



Our government has acquired so much flexibility on how they are allowed to surveil, it is totally out of control.

I do understand that much of what they have passed as laws are because of terrorism and is a necessity. BUTT I do believe that they have gone way beyond what is necessary for CROWD CONTROL of the average, law-abiding citizen.

There are cameras every where we look these days. We would be hard pressed to do anything and keep it private. They like to label it advancements.

noun: advancement
  1. the process of promoting a cause or plan.
    “their lives were devoted to the advancement of science”
    • the promotion of a person in rank or status.
      “opportunities for career advancement”
      synonyms: promotion, preferment, career development, upgrading, a step up the ladder, progress, improvement, betterment, growth

      “employees must be offered opportunities for advancement”
    • development or improvement.
      plural noun: advancements
      “technological advancements”
      synonyms: development, progress, evolution, growth, improvement, advance, furtherance;

      “the advancement of computer technology”

Should inventions and new technology be considered advancements when much of it is putting 100′ of 1,000’s out of work or invading our privacy?

At some point in time, mankind is going to self-destruct, either by way of a nuclear war or get too advanced for our own good. Social media, advancements in technology  and government intervention will play a big role in it.

Many of the people that are HOOKED on the social thing do not know any better. They have never experienced the OLD FASHION way of life where there was honor, integrity, respect and everything else that went along with a, for the most part, as sound society.

We did not have to worry about sending our kids to school, going out for a walk when it was dark, feel uneasy going to a movie theater, etc. Social media plays a very big part in the social unrest. Because of it, there is ALWAYS the next nutcase our there trying to out-do the ones that came before them.

How does a person know what liver tastes like if all they ever have eaten in the life was steak?? As unusual and unnecessary as it may sound to some FOLKS, young and old, metaphorically  speaking, we have to eat liver once and awhile to appreciate steak.  Similarly, we have to know better how to take a punch then give a punch.

There are too many people, because of their pampered, sheltered up-bringing  have NEVER had to deal with adversity on their own.  When they hit the real world, they are in for a rude awakening.

This is the primary reason there are so many teen and young people committing suicide.  When reality hits them between the eyes, they do not know how to handle it. The easy way out for them is to end it all.

Most parents spoil/shelter their kids because they are too possessive and are doing it more to make themselves feel better than for the kid’s sake.  My message to those people; LET YOUR KIDS EAT LIVER ONCE AND AWHILE. 

Regarding social media, advancements in technology and the invasion of public privacy;  has gone too far to ever come back to sense-able levels.

In a nut shell – mankind is it’s own worst enemy!!

By the way: Leave the key in the mail box when you go on vacation. I have a bad back and can not bend over very well.


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