Another sick – lame-brained liberal judge


2 men sentenced to probation for gang-rape of 13-year-old girl, triggering backlashblack

The group of suspects — some of whom are reportedly related as cousins or brothers and identified as Jacolby Williams, Tyron Williams, James Williams, and a juvenile, in addition to Tommy and Clarence — were with the girl on Dec. 19, according to The Gazette.

2 men who raped Colorado Springs 13-year-old get probation despite grandfather begging to ‘make them pay’

Two people (I call them animals) linked to the gang rape of a 13-year-old girl were sentenced Tuesday to probation instead of prison, sparking outrage from some of her relatives.

“I beg you, your honor, make them pay!” said the girl’s grandfather, who urged 4th Judicial District Judge Michael McHenry to reject their plea agreements and order the defendants to trial.

photo of McHenry

Dishonorable Judge Michael McHenry

Add this poor excuse for a judge’s name to the Hall of Shame with the rest of the off-base, liberal, bleeding hearted magistrates that let criminals off with little to no penalty/sentence to fit the crime.

Two of theses five scumbag, thug, rapists were sentenced to probation by the out of touch with reality, bleeding-hearted, pathetic excuse for a judge McHenry.

People can speculate all day long on what the irrational reasoning was why the dishonorable, liberal judge handed down such a light decision. Is it because the judge is suffering from the POOR BLACK kid syndrome or is the judge just another in the long line of liberal imbeciles??

There are 10’s of 1,000’s of unfortunate kids of ALL races that come up the hard way and do not go out and rape 13 year old girls. Poverty should have nothing to do with a crime after the age of reasoning.

I don’t care what race, national origin or religion scum like this are that GANG BANG  a 13 year old girl or girl or any female of any other age.There is absolutely no excuse for their despicable actions.

This is just one of the examples why I have so many times suggested there should be National mandatory punishments preset for every crime.  By setting this standard, there will be no concern that some wacked out, pacifist, bleeding heart judge let criminal off Scott Free with a slap on the writs.  Speaking of a slap; I think this judge needs a good attitude adjustment, Italian style.


Many times I wonder if the OLD WAYS worked better and always come up with the same answer. ABSOLUTELY!!!

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    feel free to let the judiciary know what you think about this. Maybe something like a#youareanasshat maybe!

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