This Mea culpa doesn’t cut it

Jimmy Kimmel defends mean-spirited dig at Melania Trump, apologizes for lewd Hannity joke

The Mea culpa some of the fools are coming up with after the fact doesn’t cut it. The only time they shed a tear in regret is when they are forced to, either apologize or their jobs and popularity is in jepordy.

Just like the petty thief that got her tit in the wringer for stealing a cookie.  Are we suppose to be that naive to think she was sorry for having got caught with her hand in the cookie jar or is she just lamenting the fact that she was caught. I take door #2.

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What the left-wing Boulder roller are doing, not only is disgraceful, BUTT they are clearly demonstrating what cowards and fools they are.

I have to wonder just how many of them would have  the nerve say what they do to PDT face, instead of hiding behind a camera.  They all are a bunch of misdirected, cowardly  sheep following the leader over the cliff because they do not have the sense to think or act on their own.


There are only a hand-full of celebs that have the backbone to acknowledge some of the good PDT has accomplished. To them, I take my hat off.


Do we really think Kimmel is sorry for getting down on Mrs. PDT?? Absolutely not.  The guy is a coward and a 2 bit comedian by picking on a women. Everyone that sees humor in what Kimmel and the rest of the idiots do and say are just as bad.

I see that his mother  Joan (née Iacono) is of Italian decent. At some point in time, she or her relatives made the trip across the pond. They all spoke English with an accent.  I wonder how Jimmy Boy would feel about his ancestors getting their gooluinies smashed because of the way they talked. Most probably, to an idiot like him, it doesn’t not matter as long as they get a laugh.


The only way to get to these fools so they suffer the consequences of their actions is through their pocket book. Boycott their programs and get them off the air.

REAL MEN do not pick on ladies unjustifiably.

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