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Kennedy dynasty faces a reckoning as controversial film hits theaters

I think we can safely say that the Kennedy Clan had a license to get away with murder.

Who else but a Kennedy could pull off what Teddy Boy did when he left the scene of an accident (or an on-purpose) that resulted in the drowning death of Mary Jo Kopechne.


At approximately 12:50 a.m., Kennedy and Kopechne, 28, were driving back from a party hosted by a cousin of Kennedy on Martha’s Vineyard following the Edgartown Regatta, in which Kennedy had sailed. Kennedy’s car plunged 10 feet off of a bridge and into a pond, killing Kopechne and giving Kennedy “a slight concussion.”

Kennedy also told police that he had “no recollection” of how he got out of the car, which sank, landing with the roof resting on the bottom. Kennedy said that he “came to the surface and repeatedly dove down to the car in an attempt to see if the passenger was still in the car,” noting he was “unsuccessful in the attempt.”


Police said there was “apparently no criminal negligence involved in the accident itself.”

The accident, though, was not reported by Kennedy, but rather by a mother of a little boy who saw the overturned car in the pond when he was fishing.

Kennedy later described his failure to report the incident to police for 10 hours as “indefensible.”

In one breath, the paid off cops said there was no criminal intent; in another breath, Teddy Boy admitted his actions or lack of were indefensible.  Is it door # 1 or door # 2???


Give me a &%#$% break with this collar thing!!!! Who bothers to put on a neck tie over a collar if they have a serious neck injury??

I may be a little slow on the draw with this one; BUTT why would Teddy Boy not report the accident until 10 hours later, FOLKS, 10 hours later,   if he was not complicit in a crime?? Many people speculate he was drunk when the accident occurred – some say Mary Jo was pregnant with his kid and he wanted to silence her – why would her parent not agree to exhuming her for an autopsy to set the record straight – some say they received a big payday by preventing her exhumation.

I have done many posts on spoiled brats and that scenario fits Teddy Boy to the “T”. This lad was pamper and protected since the day his head popped out of his Mamma.  Yet for what he got away with in his life, he had the goolunies to roll boulders at other people and criticize them for what he deemed inappropriate behavior.

Bad boy Teddy

Kennedy Curse: Turbulent Life and Tragedies

We are not talking about a guy that robbed a 7/11 and got away, we are talking about someone that murdered another human being, left the scene of the crime and got away with it because of who his family was/is.

The old man, Joe Kennedy had a very interesting life. Some of how he made his money was legit and some was very questionable.  One thing for sure, he was a driven tyrant.

Some say the old man spent 20 million dollar$ to get John elected.  The desperate Kennedy Clan enlisted the services of Sammy Davis Jr. to help get the black vote for the presidency; BUTTTT, after John won the election, Sammy was (BLACK BALLED) excluded from the reception list because he was a black man.


Sammy Davis Jr: his greatest humiliation came when JFK refused to let star perform at the inauguration after he married a white woman.


For a family that was SUPPOSEDLY hung up on, and staunch supporters of  the civil rights movement, they sure carried Sammy out of town on a rail.


It is very easy to sit on Knob Hill and dictate WHAT SHOULD BE DONE, when they do not have to deal with the same living conditions and circumstances.

So much for gratitude. I guess the Kennedy’s family credo is; it is not what you did for me yesterday, what can you do for me tomorrow.  

There is a slight possibility that, these days  justice is being served on the more affluent communities, I say slight, then it has been in past years.  With all of the media jumping on every sleazy story that can find or make up, and the social media,  it has been pretty difficult for the HAVES to bet the system as they are so used to doing. All of their cameras and surveillance equipment scattered all around the country make it more difficult to pull of a crime undetected.

It is too bad that Teddy Boy went to the Big Shamrock in the sky before he was held accountable for murder, or whatever they authorities want to classify his improprieties.  Teddy Boy called his actions, or lack of, indefensible; BUTT the Kennedy’s fair hair child still got away clean.

We can safely say that; all that glitters is not gold. If it were not for bad luck, the Kennedy family would have no luck at all.

Read about the Kennedy curse. It is very interesting.

Mr. Karma has some very interesting ways he gets even!!

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