China promises to fight US to ‘the end’ after Trump’s new tariff threat, experts sound alarm

What we have in PDT is a man that is attempting to correct the neglect and of previous administrations by doing what is right for the American people. All PDT is looking for, is for the USA to be TREATED FAIRLY in its trade with different countries, especially China.  That has been his position long before he ever put his hand on the bible.

I can compare PDT to a guy that married a lady who as a 16 year old son that is a bum. This kid has more bad habits then China Has Rice. He has been spoiled by his mother ever since he popped his head out of his incubating safe-haven.  The fact of the matter is, the lady has been remarried 3 times before and each of her part-time husbands also spoiled the kid. They did not want to be labeled THE BAD GUY.

Now we have the new guy that marries the wacky broad, that has a good set of goolunies and wants to straighten out the kid for his own good. The new guy has a very tough and unpopular assignment on his hands, BUTT he does not care about popularity.  He care about making a man out of the bum son.

All of the PC-ers that know the guy and the kid, thinks the guy is a prick and no good bastard for putting the hammer on the brat by trying to make a decent human being out of him. BUTT, the people that know the family intimately know; if this kid is not straightened out and very soon, he is headed for disaster.

The five or six husbands before the new guy, all allowed this kid to be out of control and did not do anything to try and reform him. They did not want to discipline him or force feed him any  Cod Liver Oil for his own health.

The USA has been abused by foreign countries for decades. Many times it was done with full knowledge by the USA that we were going to be screwed.  The money was not coming out of their personal accounts, so they didn’t give a shit.

FOLKS; we don’t have to be Harvard grads to understand the meaning of a word or sentence:

Definition of fair trade

1 : trade in conformity with a fair-trade agreement
2 : a movement whose goal is to help producers in developing countries to get a fair price for their products so as to reduce poverty, provide for the ethical treatment of workers and farmers, and promote environmentally sustainable practices
The USA has been used and abused for many years; most of the time voluntarily  handing the whip to the foreigners and tell them to go at it.
Shamefully and needless to say; there has been a lot of kick-back envelopes passed back and forth through the year between so called diplomats/politicians to keep THE GAME going.


FAIR being the key word should be self-explanatory.  PDT is not trying to overpower or crush our supposed trading partners and putting the boots to them, he is try to change business as usual so the USA will be treated FAIRLY.

Now that the NEW GUY is taking the measures necessary to straighten out the spoiled brat who has been completely out of control, we have groups of Boulder Rollers that will blame PDT for any repercussions the USA receives as a result of his attempts.

The USA has been getting screwed,  blued and tattooed for many years by our trading partners. BUTT, because everyone in the world thinks the streets in the USA are paved with gold and we have politicians who are more concerned with their coffers, FAIR TRADE never was constructed on an even playing filed.

Whenever a reformation of  difficult situation is attempted, there are going to be a lot of bumps in the road before it is accomplished. ORRR; what is the Boulder Rollers solution on how to handle this our unfair trade status?? Do nothing at all and continue to gets screwed by every country we deal with? These are the same people that spoiled the hell out of the brat as he was growing up, BUTT now do not have a solution on how to correct his bad behavior without suffering some reform pains.

It took this guy 30 years to get this fat. He will not loose the weight over-night. It is going to take a lot of hard work, dedication to the cause and discomfort.


The picture above symbolizes the USA, a 700 pound man who is morbidly obese, claims he wants to lose the weight, BUTT does not want to do whatever is necessary to accomplish his goal.

Through the years, because of the fat guys poor lifestyle habits, he has become totally dysfunctional. The only things that will ever bring him back around are some very stringent new applications in his life.  If this does not happen, the USA like the obese guy, will eventually kill himself/itself.

If this real time national debt doesn’t make you want to Ralph:




Support PDT in his efforts in PUTTING AMERICA FIRST!!! Anyone that disagrees is UN-American, ignorant or both!!

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    Excellent post, taking to my spot for additional exposure, Thanks J.C.

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