The Gove hit the nail on the head!!!

Gov. Bevin Responds to Alleged Hypocrisy

In essence;  governor Bevin has expressed the same sentiments I have been preaching about for years.


Watch the video; he put it all in perspective.

 Segments of one of my most recent posts on the subject posted 2-26-18

Complete lunacy

Oakland mayor warns of impending ICE raid, ramping up sanctuary-city tension

The Flake job, Oakland’s Mayor Libby Schaaf sent out a warning on Twitter to  the illegals, including the criminals in her city, that ICE would possibly raid the city’s Bay Area as soon as Sunday, for them to beware and take all necessary steps to hide out from them.

Folks;  let me give you a little clue, just in case some of you have been living in a cave for a few years. ALL of the FEEDING FRENZY that is overtaking our society, be it promiscuity, immorality, pro-drugs – smut – permissiveness with the younger generation, protecting illegals and whatever else we can throw in the mix; somehow they are all inner connected. They all stem from the far-left and their very liberal/illogical, permissive concept of life and enforcing the law.  These people, with their twisted mentality are now and will be the ruination of this country as we once knew it.

The PC-ers and the extreme-left in this country may be having a field day now with all of their disruptive lunacy. BUTT, a day of reckoning is just around the corner when their cause will either implode on us all, or door # 2; finally overtake society completely as SOP (standard operation procedure), and eventually morph into a complete disastrous. I would say it is well on it’s way to door # 2.


It is absolutely beyond belief that the people who are destroying this country because of their ultra-modern, ultra-permissive PC mentality, lack of presenting good role models and leadership for future generations; all because they are too stubborn and too ignorant to see the damage they are doing.


When the PAY ME LATER come around, it is going to have disastrous affects, many of which we are starting to witness today.


We can assume if media agencies like the Huffington Post has a negative opinion about political correctness, we DO have a major problem.!!

Huffington Post

To comprehend how political correctness is shaping the privilege of free speech, one must first understand several major aspects of this concept. The basic premise is that if intellectuals and pundits can influence how individuals think and act, then they can also influence what is socially ‘acceptable’ language. By imposing their political views on some subjects, they create a pressure to conform to these standards. But generally, a person does not want to be labeled as an objector of popular opinion, thereby forcing them to subject their own ideas to the prevailing ideology.

In addition, political correctness encourages the pursuit of conformity. Through social intimidation, a diverse body of ideas and expressions no longer flourishes in the diminishing world of American free speech. A growing aspect of societal multiculturalism only further contributes to this problem. Proponents of political correctness obsess over their belief that language should not be injurious to any ethnicity, race, gender, religion or other social group. They attempt to eliminate what they consider to be offensive remarks and actions and replace them with harmless substitutes that come at the expense of free expression.


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