Don’t bother unpacking Admin!!

Trump looks to replace David Shulkin with Adm. Ronny Jackson as Veterans Affairs secretary

In my HUMBLE opinion, based on the turnover PDT’s administration has witnessed, they should be named, THE DON’T BOTHER UNPACKING ADMIN.

The Commander-in-Chief shit canned another Dude yesterday that was supposed to be the answer to it all; all of the mismanagement problems of Veterans Administration.

HELLOOOOO. Sometime it seems that PDT jumps from the frying pan into the fire with his cabinet picks.

Rumors had been swirling for weeks about Shulkin’s future amid investigations into alleged spending abuses and reports of internal dissension at the VA. In February, the VA’s internal watchdog found that Shulkin had improperly accepted Wimbledon tennis tickets and his then-chief of staff had doctored emails to justify his wife traveling to Europe with him at taxpayer expense. Shulkin agreed to reimburse the government more than $4,000 in that case.

The VA is government’s second-largest department, responsible for nine million military veterans in more than 1,700 government-run health facilities. The selection of Wilkie bypasses VA Deputy Secretary Tom Bowman, who has come under criticism for being too moderate to push Trump’s agenda of fixing veterans’ care.

It must be next to impossible to pick the proper/qualified person who is honest, has integrity, knows what the job entails and is a dedicated patriot, not only to the USA , BUTT to the president. Loyalty  – honesty – integrity and excellent knowledge of the position have to be the  key factors in a persons qualifications.  Mistake; I almost forgot; those terms/words/attributes are like hens teeth in politics.

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Hell, there are not this many FOLKS in some small cities around the country.

Not all of these people that were shit canned were inadequate people.  Many of them were very qualified, BUTT bumped heads with PDT or someone close to him and they were shown the back door.

There HAS TO BE a better system than picking names on card out of an old spittoon.


With results like PDT is having; we probably should ask a group of 1st graders to make the picks. They can not do much worse.


It may be just me; BUTT, with positions so critical to the operation of the government and protection of PDT, I would think the vetting process would be a lot more responsible.

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO; On this day of our Lord 3-26-18; with the honors and authority vested in me, henceforth, I have announced that new branch of the governments rejects to be dubbed; THE DON’T BOTHER UNPACKING ADMIN.

Let me hear a big AMEN!!!

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2 Responses to Don’t bother unpacking Admin!!

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  2. JCscuba says:

    They aren’t causalities, they have been replaced by others deemed better suited for the job.

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