Is there nothing sacred these days????

Sandpaper scandal shakes Australian national cricket team as cheating plot revealed


Sons-a-bitch; this is almost as corrupt and earth shattering as the Mafia fixing the world series in 1919.

1919 World Series. There is a great deal of evidence both for and against Arnold Rothstein being involved in the 1919 World Series fix. In 1919, Rothstein’s agents allegedly paid members of the Chicago White Sox to “throw”, or deliberately lose, the World Series to the Cincinnati Reds.


There seems to be a snake under every bench where scoundrels like Arnie and David that are willing to do whatever it take$ to come out on top.  Whatever happened to sportsman like conduct???

It is a crying shame that; even the cricketers are as crooked as a curved road on Cressbrook Creek. Try saying that fast 6 times.

The old saying; winning isn’t everything, doesn’t seems to apply to vice-captain David Warner. Trying to get a bat up on a tournament cricket game against South Africa, he instructed a junior player to alter the ball with sandpaper which is strictly forbidden.

When all was said and done, by Wagner scratching up his balls with sand paper did not do the trick for the Aussies. In spite of their cheating methodology, South Africa still handed their ass to them.


How embarrassing. At least, if someone is gong through all the trouble of cheating, they should make sure they are more efficient at their craft.

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