Thought he could walk on water ..

Former MLB slugger Albert Belle arrested at spring training game in Arizona, report says

Albert Bell; the name seems to have a ring to it. At one time, Albert was one hell of a player, BUTT had a personality like a Parana.

BREAKING: Albert Belle arrested in Scottsdale during a spring training game.

2 counts of indecent exposure
1 count of DUI (using liquor, drugs or vapors)
1 count of Extreme DUI (BAC of .08 or more)


In 1995, he became the first player in major league history to hit 50 home runs and 50 doubles in the same season; the last player before him to reach as many as 40 in both categories had been Willie Stargell in 1973. The achievement was especially impressive because Belle played only 143 games in 1995 due to a season shortened by the previous year’s player strike. The 40–40 mark has been surpassed since, most recently by Chris Davis in 2013, but Belle’s 50–50 combo remains unique.

His reputation, and more specifically his disdain of the media, cost him votes for the 1995 MVP Award The fact that he was caught cheating the year before, in the infamous 1994 Bat Burglary, didn’t help his cause either. He finished second in the media voting to the Boston Red SoxMo Vaughn even though he led the American League that season in runs scored, home runs, RBIs, slugging percentage and total bases, and outpaced Vaughn head-to-head in every important offensive category except RBI (both men had 126); both players’ teams reached the playoffs. This was in the middle of a three-year streak in which Belle finished 3rd, 2nd and 3rd for the American League MVP. Belle had two other top ten MVP finishes, in 1993 (7th) and 1998 (8th).

In the winter of 1996, he signed a 5-year, $55 million ($83,845,357 today) deal with the Chicago White Sox as a free agent. This contract made him the highest paid player in baseball for a brief period.[4] He enjoyed two great seasons in Chicago, including a career-high 27-game hitting streak in May 1997, and came close to another 50/50 season in 1998 with 49 home runs (a White Sox team record that still stands) and 48 doubles. He also drove in 152 runs to break Zeke Bonura‘s single-season franchise record of 138 in 1936 (to date, the RBI total also remains a White Sox single-season record). Additionally, when Cal Ripken, Jr. ended his record consecutive game streak at 2,632 in September 1998 on the last day of the season, it was Belle who took over as the major leagues’ active leader in the category.

His White Sox contract had an unusual clause allowing him to demand that he would remain one of the three highest paid players in baseball. In October 1998 he invoked the clause, and when the White Sox declined to give him a raise he immediately became a free agent. He again became the game’s highest paid player, signing a five-year, $65 million ($95,487,415 today) deal with the Baltimore Orioles. But his career ended just two seasons later when he was forced into retirement at age 34 by degenerative hip osteoarthritis. He was, however, kept on Baltimore’s active 40-man roster for the next three years as a condition of the insurance policy which largely reimbursed the Orioles for the remainder of his contract.

In his hay day, he was making 50 million on a 5 year contract. In this photo below, he looks like a guy that that should be sitting on a busy corner with a tin cup in his hand and a monkey on his shoulder.

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Mr. Karma says; what goes around, come around.

This Dude was one of the most self-centered, arrogant fools to ever put on a baseball uniform. He refused to sign auto graphs and refused to give interviews to the press. He was just a nasty guy.

According to the Cleveland Indians, they automatically deducted 10,000$ a year out of his because he had a propensity of breaking up all of the club houses the team used to play in.

Belle was fined in 1996 when he attempted to break up a double play by plowing through a Milwaukee Brewers second baseman. He was also suspended in 1994 for using a corked bat.  Needless to say; the lad certainly did not have much of a fan club.

Now he is hanging around spring training camp with his pants around his ankles, a half gallon of Governors Club on his hip and hoping someone will recognize him.


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