It is now a household word …..

Take blame for government shutdown? ‘F— that,’ Trump reportedly told aides

Holy Toledo; the President of the USA really  said FUCK. What a revelation and a shocker!!!! It is appalling!!

I really don’t know why MOST of the media try to bleep out or disguise the word FUCK. In the last few years, the word FUCK has become as commonly used as saying please and thank you.

What the fuck people; loosen up. The word fuck has multiple connotations. It is used as an expression of ones feeling, it is a noun – verb – adverb – adjective and probably one of the most widely used words used today. Kids as young as 5 or possibly younger are using the word fuck.

Is it the right thing for young kids to say? No, in most cases, BUTT depending on the circumstances, it may be appropriate.  When said with vigor or enthusiasm, it can be a great a stress reliever.  We certainly can use a stress reliever.

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