Like taking Cod-Liver Oil …..

More states want recipients to earn benefits, end ‘bad habits,’ but eye help from Trump

It is like taking cod-liver oil. I tastes so bad, BUTT it is necessary for good health.


Way back, when social programs were set up in this country to help/assist the needy, and was a hell of a good gesture to help the people that truly needed it.   BUTT like mostly everything the government gets its shit hooks in, they screw it up. It never ends up the way it was intended and get blown way off course by the politicians and the thieves in the communities.


Although President Franklin D. Roosevelt focused mainly on creating jobs for the masses of unemployed workers, he also backed the idea of federal aid for poor children and other dependent persons. By 1935, a national welfare system had been established for the first time in American history.

Do you think we have a welfare problem??? Read on ..


United States

Welfare fraud is widespread, but in most cases it is committed by people who are unable to make ends meet. In a 2012 study, 30 of 34 interviewed welfare recipients admitted fraud.[4] A 1988 study of 50 Chicago women on welfare found that 80% worked either full-time or part-time, but none of them reported their income to the welfare office.[38] Surveys conducted during the 1970s in Seattle and Denver showed that 50% of recipients admitted to “cheating” in order to get by financially.[39] In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, an ex-fraud investigator for IDPA estimated that 25 to 50% of welfare recipients had committed some degree of fraud.[40] A study of 450 welfare recipients in Orange County, California, found that 45% of them had committed fraud.[41] Between 1970 and 1979, there was a 729% increase in the number of fraud cases initiated nationwide.[42]

In 2016, the Office of Investigations for the Social Security Administration received 143 385 allegations and opened 8 048 cases. 1 162 persons were convicted for crime. Recoveries amounted to $52,6 million, fines to $4,5 million, settlements/judgements to $1,7 million and restitution to $70 million. The estimated savings were $355,7 million.[43]

According to estimates by auditors of the SSA, fraud against the various SSA benefits programs may account for as much as ten percent of all costs to the Social Security Trust Funds. According to John K. Webb, Special Assistant United States Attorney Central District of California, the statistics suggest an alarming increase in fraudulent claims to retirement benefits that threaten the integrity of the Social Security Trust Funds and block access by needy applicants with legitimate claims for benefits.[44]

Charles Murray has pointed out that the actual number of people who are unable to work must have gone down since 1960, due to medical advances, safety devices and decrease of manual work. Yet the percentage of people qualifying for federal disability benefits because they are unable to work rose from 0.7 percent of the size of the labor force in 1960 to 5.3 percent in 2010. Since the legal definition of physical disability has not been changed substantially, he concludes that welfare fraud must be part of the explanation.[45]

The US Department of Labor reported that 1.9% of total unemployment insurance (UI) payments for 2001 was attributable to fraud or abuse within the UI program.[46] In 2012, it reported the figure as 2.67%.[47] In 2010, less than one-quarter of new welfare applications in San Diego County had some form of discrepancy, whether error or fraud.[48] In response to the perception of state officials’ volume of fraud cases, the application process has become more strict. Some advocates have expressed concern that the stricter application process would make it more difficult for families in need to receive aid.[48]

An appeal from the Office of Inspector General to contact them if one suspects fraud, waste or abuse

In Florida, from July to October 2011, cash welfare recipients were drug-tested, with advanced notice, and only 2.6% of the tests came back positive. Thus, 97.4% of recipients who chose to partake in the testing program were not using any kind of illegal or illicit drugs. Of the 2.6% who tested positive, most people tested positive for marijuana. Governor Rick Scott eventually stopped pursuing people on welfare to get tested.[49]

Improper payments were estimated to be 3.6% of the total payments of the Department of Housing and Urban Development in fiscal year 2003. In FY 2004, the number was 0.53% for the Social Security Administration, 5.07% for the Unemployment Insurance program of the Department of Labor, and 0.64% for their compensation program of the Department of Veteran’s Affairs.[7]

In the first half of the fiscal year 2012, the office of the Inspector General of the Social Security Administration was able to detect frauds that cost the government over $253 million.[50]

Welfare fraud cases

  • A 1977 claim by the executive director of the Illinois Legislative Advisory Committee on Public Aid stated that a Chicago woman named Linda Taylor used 14 aliases to obtain $150,000 for medical assistance, cash assistance and bonus cash food stamps.[51] She is believed to form the basis of Ronald Reagan‘s “welfare queen“, and was sentenced for two to six years.[52] One and a half years later, the Chicago Tribune wrote: “Once the focus of national outrage, the flamboyant and mysterious Chicago woman has relinquished her throne to hundreds of others who have developed equally outrageous schemes to bilk the welfare system of millions of dollars.”[53]
  • Dorothy Woods, of the US, claimed 38 nonexistent children.[54] She was sentenced to eight years in jail.[52]
  • Esther Johnson of California was sentenced to four years in state prison in 1979 for “collecting $240,000 for more than 60 fictitious children”.[55]
  • Arlene Otis of Cook County, Illinois, was indicted on 613 charges of “illegally receiving $150,839 in welfare funds between July 1972 and February 1978.”[56] She was sentenced to four years’ jail.[52]
  • In recent years, welfare (and other kinds of) fraud have been rising among haredi Jews, who live in poverty as they struggle to provide for their large families and often prefer to study Torah rather than work. There has been many high-profile crimes, including community leaders who have engaged in fraud intended to benefit the community.[57][58][59][60][61][62]

Welfare is just another in the long line of Frankenstein monsters government has created.  They created it, neglected to supervise it properly, let it get out of control and Frank has been doing a job on the American economy ever since and getting worse by the day.

This may be hard to believe for the average, Joe and Jane Blow, the good, hard working citizens of this country. There are families that have NEVER did a lick of work in their lives since 1935 when welfare went into effect. I said, ENTIRE GENERATIONS OF FAMILIES!!! These parasites really believe that they do not have to work to support themselves, it is the responsibility of the government. WRONG.  This is where the Cod Liver Oil comes in. They all need a good dose of it to bring them back to reality.  As you can see by the statistics, the welfare system is one of the major factors that is KILLING us.

Do I blame really the recipients parasites? Only for making false claims. I put the real blame on the government more for letting the system get so far out of control.

The people that refuse to work for their hand-outs; have their welfare water turned off. Like the Chinese say; no tickee, no laundry!!

If they ever move forward, this initiative will be one of the most difficult mission the government will have undertaken. The rebellion from the parasites will be enormous.

This plan can be implemented the same as WPA was. There are 100’s of job that can be done by the recipients that are in dire need of maintenance.

Do we think that there is a need to clean up this country??


FOLKS, this is not Lebanon, it is the USA.  Is it a disgrace that our politicians have allowed conditions to get as bad as this?? Is it a disgrace that the people who live in these areas are such pigs?? Double YES to both.  Poverty is not the entire blame for living conditions like this; laziness and neglect is.


Is it unreasonable to ask/tell all able body citizens who are on welfare, the party is over, it is time you have to earn your money. I say NO. BUTT, I do not see it getting off the ground.

It is like the 1,000 pound guy; it took 30 years for him to get in that condition and odds are he is too far gone to ever lose the weight. Is it impossibly?? No; BUTT very improbable.  I say the welfare ship it is too far out of kilter to ever get it upright again.


Welfare abuse is just another tentacle and end result of a liberal government.  Sooner or later, excess permissiveness and ultra-liberalism ALWAYS come back and bites us in the ass.

How many permissive  fools out there have spoiled their kids rotten?? Gotta be 100’s of 1,000’s. Finally, the kid is no longer a kid but an out of control adult and there is no way of turning this bad seed around.  Some-O Same-O.

I would love just one of the liberals out there to give me ONLY ONE GOOD reason how they can rationalize/justify why every able bodied citizens should not work to support themselves.  I am dying to hear their answer.

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