Do as I say, not as us hypocrites do ….

Obama’s EPA appointees spent as much, or more, on travel than Trump’s Pruitt, data show

Do as I say, not as us hypocrites do ….

The relentless, blood sucking Boulder Rollers are out in force, on their hands and knees sifting through a garbage dump to see if they can find any trash to lay on PDT. To date, all they have come up with are minor details of what he allegedly did before he took office.

Show me a 40 year old billionaire that does not misbehave and I will show you a boring person.

They continue to roll boulders at PDT, comparing what he did so far while in office to what Mr. O did in the same time frame.  Only to find out that Obama and his crew were much more abusive with the taxpayers money than PDT’s have been.

Do I agree, the majority of prima-donnas in government are way out of line on how they spend the taxpayers money?? Absolutely YES!! Why you ask?? Because they operate under the Good Old Boys system, where their activities were barely scrutinized.  It is like asking the fox to watch the hen house.

I can’t figure out if the Dumb-O-Crats are that incompetent that they do not research the mud before they start slinging it. To answer my own question; I guess they are.

“The double standard couldn’t be more clear: Under Barack Obama’s EPA the media chose not to report on expenditures … But under the Trump administration the costs to protect our government officials is somehow scandalous.”

– Jahan Wilcox, EPA spokesman

Since PDT put his hand on the bible, the Dumb-O-Crats had to spend 100’s of million$ of dollar$ trying to ICE him. All they can come up with, if it is true, then citizen Trump hooked up with a hooker/stripper.

Is it logical to assume that, that kind of $noop money they are spending could be put to a much better use than chasing a ghost?  I would love to put a blood hound on the trail of some of the Boulder Rollers to see just how squeaky clean they are.

One of PDT’s most ardent antagonists, a democratic hopeful for 2020, is a broad named Lizzy Warren, who claims she is part native American to boost her standings with the voters. BUTT, she will NOT do a DNA test to back up her claims.


There are so many Anti-Trumpsters  that have dirty laundry hidden away, it is shameful that they have the guts to Roll Boulders at anyone.

Take a good look at some of the Boulder Rollers and then ask yourself;  should be running their mouths.

I would love to see all parties concerned, put their nonsense in the closet and focus on solving some of the nations problems instead of their own egotistical agenda. The American people are paying dearly for the stupidity of their elected officials that are playing the game of GET BACK.

Sticks and stones may break some bones, BUTT they all are a bunch of fools.

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