What are the odds??

Meghan Markle’s family.


Even Vega would not have taken this bet.

I say more power to Meghan. This is what dreams are made of and why fairy tales are written.

Regardless of what the old girl says; I still say Victoria’s great-great-granddaughter is not a happy camper.  This drastic move away from royal procedures/protocol shoots the hell  out of preserving the blood line.


If any people on the planet are PC, it is the British.

Elizabeth and Philip

The royal families of Europe frequently intermarried, both to maintain their royal bloodlines and to preserve some balance of power between the various empires.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip are both related to Queen Victoria. Elizabeth is a great-great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria:

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1 Response to What are the odds??

  1. Sigrid Egan says:

    Meghan Merkle an unknown nothing actress who had nothing better to do than join the Anti-Trump Hollywood crowd. I give the two 1 year.

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