They are slowly catching on

USA Today

Christian Schneider sure put it in prospective.

If you think about it, being a losing presidential candidate is one of the best jobs in America. No matter what you say, you come off way better than your opponent’s portrayal of you as a bloodthirsty gargoyle. You go on late night talk shows and ham it up with hosts who set you up to be self-deprecating and winsome. People still take you seriously, but you can finally say exactly what you want.

And as an added bonus to all this, you don’t have to actually be president.

Since the 2016 campaign ended, Hillary Clinton has demonstrated herself to be a singularly extraordinary former presidential candidate — “extraordinary” only in the sense that no ex-candidate has ever been worse.

I say give it a little time and the only hold-outs will be the imbeciles, along with CHC and Wild Bill. Even Helen – Ray and Stevie could see that, for the most part, PDT is doing what he promised or at least attempting to do so.  If he had more cooperation, he would have to change in a phone booth.


The more CHC open that fly trap the better she makes PDT look. I don’t think she is smart enough to realize that. She has blamed everyone on the planet for her lost election, everyone but the right person, herself.

Christian’s observation:

If Democrats want to keep winning elections, it’s time for them to file a restraining order against Clinton.

I think she makes a valid point.

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