I blame the media and the PC-ers

Sexual orientation top risk for suicidal thoughts in college freshmen

What a sad commentary as to how low our country has sunk.


Nearly one third of first-year college students have thought about suicide, according to a study across eight countries, and non-heterosexual identity or feelings were the biggest risks for this kind of thinking or behavior.

The media, through TV commercials,  movies, social media and the like, have jammed this sexual identity  down the kids today’s throats with such intensity, they have no idea who they are or what they want to be.

I have repeated this until I am blue in the face.


LET NATURE TAKES IT’S COURSE.  When the proper time comes in a kids life, they can make their own decision as to which road they want to go down. They DO NOT any outside intervention. This constant bombardment coming from every direction has the kids in a tail spin like an aircraft out of control. It is no wonder that 1 out of 3 kids contemplate sucking on a six inch gas line.

Every time a commercial comes on the BOOB TUBE there are subliminal messages engineered to influence the public.  From where I stand, 60% of advertising is detrimental to the young impressionable kids.

Unfortunately, I am speaking to deaf ears. This PC conspiracy that has taken hold of this country is too far gone to ever turn around.

All I can offer is my suggestions, hoping they make a difference. I know my preaching will not make a difference, BUTT I still try.

Next I will extend my sympathies to all the young kids coming up that are influenced by all of the crack-pots surrounding them. They have some tough roads to travel.

I think this mentality is more prevalent in the middle to upper class communities.  I don’t see much of it in the inner city. Which confirms my observation. The tougher a person is raised (without brutality) the stronger and more world-wise they are.  Pampering and spoiling a kid, in the long run, is the absolute worse thing for them.

It should be the responsibility of ours to make it a better world for the people that come after us. At least that was the goal in the OLD DAYS, when PC insanity did not permeate our society.

I hope that the offenders are proud of the misfits they have created. Personally, I think they are oblivious and too ignorant to see what is happening. All they are doing is looking to blame someone else for their stupidity.

Let the kids mature by themselves. My generation had no problem doing it.  Of all the things they need to develop properly, is NOT any advice or guidance from some degenerate nutcases.

Misery love company!!!!

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