We all are just a $$$$ sign on the big computer screen ……

Fox News

Woman claiming she was raped in bathroom on American Airlines flight sues airline after rejecting $5,000 to settle

As far as big business goes today; we all are just a $$$$$ on the big computer screen and one click away with the DELETE button.

The problem with big business; they are making too much money and do not give a $hit about the customers. Take the airline industry. When they 1st started flapping their wings, 40 -50 years ago, they literally stood on their head, catering to the passengers by going above and beyond.

Little by little, as soon as the dollar$ started rolling in, the whole complexion of customer service has changed. Instead of the free little bottles of booze, they started charging for the fire water – instead of a good hot meal, they substituted with cold sandwiches, maybe –  they charge for checked baggage –  pillows, blankets, for changing seats and soon I hear, they will be charging for the staled air we breath.

All that matters to them is the bottom line. They could care less about customer service.

Here we have a young lady Aubrey Lane that was RAPED in the restroom (not a bathroom) on an American Airlines plane and after the fact was NOT even called by customer service to see if she was alright. The BIG Time Airline offered her 5 G’s to go away and she refused it. I personally think 5 million would be more like it.

Sexual misconduct on planes has persisted for years, but there’s a growing movement to call awareness to the issue. It’s being driven by people like Aubrey Lane, who shared her story with @dallasnews https://www.dallasnews.com/business/american-airlines/2018/03/15/said-raped-flight-american-airlines-called-nuisance-claim-now-speaking 


To put the icing on the cake for Ms. Lane; the rapist was NOT stopped or detained after he got off of the plane.

This kind of mistreatment of customers is not only with the airlines, but with every major industry. It is far and few between that we see people who work with the public that are pleasant and accommodating as they should be.  BUTT, that tip jar is ALWAYS next to the register.Why should I have to tip if I buy an ice cream cone??

The pressure comes from the top to bang out the buck$. That constant pressure distracts the employees from doing their jobs efficiently and courteously.  On top of it all, very few working people are paid what they deserve. Plain and simple; big business is making too much money.

Surprisingly; BUTT only way after the fact; a spokesman from American Airline, Ross Feinstein admitted to Fox News the allegations of the rape and stated American Airlines was “deeply troubled” and there is still an ongoing investigation.

I say;  bull. They were so deeply troubled, they offered the lady 5,000$ to crush the matter. That adds insult upon injury and no better than a punch in the stomach.


However, Feinstein did admit that airline officials failed to contact Lane when she reached out with her claim, as they should have, given the severity of her allegations.

Pathetic explanation followed:

“We should have followed up immediately afterward with Ms. Lane to assure her how seriously we were taking her claims. It is important to note that the way we work with our customers after an incident like Ms. Lane’s has changed over the past few months,” he said.

“If this incident happened today, Ms. Lane would have received a call from our customer relations team making sure that we were providing her with the best possible care during this difficult time. We’re continually focused on improving our customers’ experience and this is a positive change we have made in the last few months,” he added.

I think authorities should investigate into whether American Airlines served booze to  already drunk rapist.  That would be a very significant finding in the matter.

Just as a curiosity I checked to see what are the top 20 best airlines in the business to travel with. NOT to my surprise; NOT one American based airline made the list.


What does that tell us FOLKS???

I made this observation years ago. IF the Japanese car makers did not come to America and put the financial heat on the American auto manufacturers; we would still be driving substandard junk cars. Their competition forced the auto makers to step up top the plate and build a quality car.

Possibly the same heat should be put on the airlines to keep them in line.

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