Three headline – three disasters

Calif. judge bars LA from enforcing gang restrictions that authorities credited with reducing crime

Georgia police officer ‘kidnapped’ by gang members during traffic stop caught on video, officials say

Domestic terrorist that killed police officers gets parole

I could go on all day cutting and pasting articles that demonstrate the need for tougher laws; BUTT what do we have in this country?  A bunch of bleeding heart idiots (judges, attornies) that have compashion for the criminals instead of distain, and they do everything in their power to shelter, protect and look for loop-holes in the law to put them back on the streets to continue with their life of crime. Who the hell side are these fools on anyway??

Instead of enacting/enforcing more severe restrictions and penalities on the criminals (legal and illegal), the ambulance chasers at the ACLU and some freaky judges are going out of their way to protect and shelter them.

Calif. judge bars LA from enforcing gang restrictions that authorities credited with reducing crime

I said this many time. I don’t wish anyone bad luck; BUTT the day will come when one of these protector fools, their family member or friends will be the victim of a criminal that they assisted in beating the system, only then will they realize how off base they are. And the is a BIG MAYBE.  Some of them are so ignorant, that still may not be enough to turn their head. .

Whose side are these fools on anyway.

This country did not reach its greatness at one time history because we let thieves, murderers, rapists, muggers, gangs, terrorists run rampant. There used to be a thing called LAW AND ORDER.  Now we have a group of pacifistic fools in high places, with their heads where the sun doesn’t shine, aiding and abetting the criminals in their lawless lives.  If they are apprehended legally; these fools do whatever they can to gain their release.


The ACLU and what it was built on. One of its founders Roger Baldwin.


Through the years there may have been a few worthwhile causes the ACLU backed, BUTT in the big picture, they were predominantly searching for the cases of people they thought were getting screwed by the legal system. Many times these criminals were guilty as sin, BUTT the power of the ACLU and a foolish judge got them off.

It has been proven time after time; there will NEVER be total law and order when the legal system is operated under a pacifistic system.  Unfortunately; the world is a brutal place and needs strict laws to keep the criminals in place. By the legal system taking away the tools the cops need to maintain law and order, they are handing the criminals all the ammo they need to continue with their nefarious ways.

These fools are pulling this country in the wrong direction.  We all should be very thankful we have PDT sitting in the Big Chair instead of CHC.  I cringe when I think of the possibilities.

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    CALIFORNIA is completely out of control. With a strong president, but a week AG, Jeff Sessions, will anything change or can it be. WELL, I WOULD SAY, IT BETTER BE.

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