Pelosi is actually a dangerous person

‘Angel Dad’: Pelosi Would Want a ‘Wall to the Moon’ If an Illegal Immigrant Hurt Her Family


I said this many times before. Some illegal has to kill, rape, molest or beat the hell out one of these bleeding hearts family members like Pelosi before they see/admit the severity of the immigration problem facing the USA. Their answer to the correction is to hide them out from the federal authorities.

The father of a teenager who was murdered by an illegal immigrant in 2008 said Friday that Rep. Nancy Pelosi would probably support a border wall if someone in her family was harmed by an illegal immigrant.

“I guarantee you she would go hog-wild, building a wall to the moon if she had to,” Jamiel Shaw, Sr. said.

The House minority leader said Thursday that President Donald Trump’s border wall prototypes were too tall, denounced them as “obnoxious” and said the barrier has no place in a “civilized society.”

It is the same old story. Very few of the day to day activities that affect the average Joe & Jane citizen has any relevance to the Ivory Tower politicians that look down on the little guy because live in their protected, privileged fantasy land.

They don’t have unemployment problems – the same medical coverage – the same retirement packages – the same living conditions – the same day to day struggles the average person does; so how the hell can they empathize with the causes.

What does that out of touch with reality, scatter brained, idiot, Pelosi know about how the little guy lives when she thumbs her nose at a 1,000$ tax credit.

Democrats see ‘crumbs’ and ‘scraps’ with new tax cuts, Americans see bigger paychecks and more jobs

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who as the 15th richest member of Congress has a minimum net worth of nearly $30 million, referred to the millions of dollars in bonuses and pay hikes announced by more than 100 companies in the wake of the new tax law as “crumbs.”

How can anyone that makes a comparison like that truly understand what a 1,000$ means to someone that has nothing. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., who as the 15th richest member of Congress has a minimum net worth of nearly $30 million,

The following is all going to be in capitol letter so it really stands out to accentuate her ignorance.

Some of the actual quotes coming from this ding-bat:


This is the one I like the best.
There are the fundamental core values of the Democratic Party, which is to work to grow the economy, to create jobs, to encourage small business, to encourage ownership, to expand access to quality health care, to enhance opportunity by making higher education more affordable to American’s young people, to have our children live in safe neighborhoods, drug-free, crime-free, and a safe and clean environment, first and foremost to provide for the national defense, to protect and defend the American people, and to have accountability for our budget and for our spending.

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2 Responses to Pelosi is actually a dangerous person

  1. Reblogged this on Sigrid's Blog * America Then and Now and commented:
    Yes, she really is. I even put her into the same category like George Soros. They would probably give their fortune for a removal of Donald Trump. I wished we could put all those anti-American/Trump haters in a pile and burn them.

    • I hate to disagree with you on the $oldi issue – when it is coming out their own pocket, they would run their mother over with an 18 wheeler before they gave any of the $$$$ up

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