The teacher had no business teaching ….

Updated 0956 – 3/14/18


High school teacher accidentally fires gun in classroom, injures student: police

A high school teacher named Dennis Alexander who is also a reserve police officer for Sand City was providing what he thought were safety instructions at Seaside High School when he accidentally fired a single shot from a semi-automatic handgun into the ceiling. A student was hit in the neck by debris after the bullet ricocheted off the ceiling, but was not seriously injured, police said.


Anyone that knows anything about firearms, should know that ALL firearms are considered LOADED at all time. Even if an assumed UNLOADED firearm is passed from one person to another, each time the next person gets the weapon, they should check and clear the weapon to make sure it is not loaded. Sounds stupid BUTT ……

That very scenario happened to me one day when a licensed firearms dealer passed what he thought was an unloaded weapon to me. IF I would not have cleared and check the weapon as taught by the USMC, the guy across from me would have been 6′ under now.  When he left the table we were sitting; he had to go throw away his skivvies.

This procedure should be done every-time a weapon is passed from one person to another. Sounds stupid and unnecessary, BUTT ….

A revolver is different than a semi-automation hand gun; being the revolver having rounds in the cylinder, and when the cylinder is shut/closed, it is ALWAYS loaded and ready to fire.

images.jpg         8

SEMI-AUTOMATIC                                                               REVOLVER

As we  can see from the pictures; with a semi-automatic weapon, the rounds are fed from the bottom of the gun into the chamber by-way-of  a magazine and is not loaded until the slide is cocked and a round is chambered – unlike a pistol that is always loaded having rounds in the cylinder, when the cylinder is shut.

1st rule of safety – ALWAYS  check to see if the weapon is loaded

2nd – keep your finger off of the trigger until you are ready to pull it.

Some gun experts say not to load the firearm until you are ready to use it.  I disagree. In a life and death situation, in the time it takes for a person to chamber a round, their assailant may have had the chance to put a couple of slugs in them.  Keep it loaded and your finger off of the trigger; UNTIL you are ready to use it.

NEVER have any weapon accessible to children.  If it is, then you must keep the weapon UNLOADED and some sort of safety mechanism attached to prevent the weapon from firing.


5                                index.jpg

3rd – never pull a gun if you do not intend to use it. If you are FORCED to use it to save a life, make sure you hit the target.

There are some situations where it is more prudent to wound a person instead of killing them; BUTT that take an expert to hit a particular area.  Shoot to stay alive.

Even before rule #1. Owning a weapon of any type is a very big responsibility.  If you are going to own any type of firearm; FIRST go to a reputable instructor with your weapon of choice and learn how to load it – fire it and its safety elements.

The same safety procedures DO APPLY to a rifle or shot gun. Rocket launcher are a totally different story.

I am sure that Dennis Alexander the part-time cop, part-time school teacher, had good intentions when he chose to give his class firearm lessons. The problem was, he either forgot what he was taught or he was never instructed properly. Ignorance can be and is dangerous!!


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