Good move for PDT or not???

Tillerson changes tune after Trump accepts meeting with North Korea’s Kim

According to CNN; leader in fake news, Tillerson is out. Is that a good thing for the PDT administration or not, that remains to be seen.


A wise person that is sailing in uncharted waters should be smart enough to take the advice of an experienced sailor.  That does not seem to be the case with PDT, the novice in these types of affairs and Tillerson who is a Master Sailor and has metaphorically sailed around the world a few times.

What is the purpose of hiring professionals in their field if the person that is hiring them does not take their advice?? Tillerson is not saying that PDT should not have a meeting with The Kid-dick-tator, he is saying it may be premature. Possibly he is right.

One thing I know after being in the business world for so many years; EXPERIENCED people are the backbone of any organization.  No single person is the entire show. Without a good support group and good advisors, any organization can not run efficiently. Needless to say; PDT has gone through advisors and cabinet members like I change my skivvies.

I hope he is making a wise decision in shit-canning Tillerson?? That remains to be seen. The experience Tillerson has can not be bought.

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