Enough with the Orenthal circus

Why the O.J. Simpson interview is ludicrous

I am sure that most people have heard the old cliche; squeezing blood out of a turnip. That is exactly what the media is doing with this mad-man killer every-time they air another story on him. They are trying to extract every ounce of media/blood/coverage out of this circus they possibly can, only for the $ake of making a few dollar$.

There is absolutely no doubt that Orenthal was the one that slashed his ex to death along with her companion and the son-of-a-bitch got away with with it. Why? Because he is black and an all star athlete.

Verdicts and celebrations like this send the wrong message to all of the black youth. If Orenthal could get away with murder, why can’t they??

Fools with attitudes like this is their contribution to squelching the racial tensions in the country.

The people outside the court house and in the rest of the country that celebrated Orenthal’s victory are disgraceful. What if one of the victims was a relative of theirs? Would they have a different mindset??

If the nay-sayers could answer ONLY one question.  If Orenthal did not kill Nichole and Ron Goodman; how did their blood get into the infamous white Bronco he was riding in.

There are a lot of maggots on this planet; BUTT Orenthal has to be right up there with with the best of the worst.

For him to agree to another interview is a total, unadulterated joke.  He has lied so many times about his involvement in the murders, you can see it in his eye; he has talked himself into really believing he is innocent.

SOOOO; finally the world has heard this killer, in his own words, make a half-baked confession or as close to one as possible.


Aside from being a sadistic killer and a pitiful bum, he is one of the worst liars on the planet. It is apparent by his mannerisms and facial expressions that he is lying through those pertly-whites.

To demonstrate just how pathetic, conniving and devious this bum is; he even conjured up a whopper of a lie that he had brain cancer and wanted Mr. O to pardon him.  I was elated that Obama did not capitulate and shut the door on that one.


Positively; even after the interview, there are fools out there that still think Orenthal is not guilty.

There are so many sad endings to this ongoing saga, that I hope someday, they will be put in moth balls, lock up the box and never opened again.  This reprobate does not deserve anymore celebrity, even if it s bad press.


This is the only suit this bum should ever be wearing, a powder blue one with numbers on the back.

ENOUGH; Every-time he appears, the deadly wounds of that day are re-opened for the families. Let them RIP!!!

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1 Response to Enough with the Orenthal circus

  1. Jeff Packard says:

    Agreed I felel the same way. Leave it alone. Enough is enough.

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