Farrakhan the Felonious Fanatic

Republican Jewish Coalition demands resignation of Democratic leaders with ties to Farrakhan

This man and people like him are one of the primary reasons racism is at an all time high in the USA.

Check out his stellar background.



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When was the last time the Three Musketeers, Farrakhan, Jackson or Sharpless had a real job? The only thing they know how to do is to keep stoking the fires and keep their people fired up.

Folks; I am definitely not suggesting we forget or try to erase history like some of the nuts cases are doing with the Confederacy. What I am suggesting is, try to learn from the mistakes and not repeat them. We all know that violence gets us nowhere. We can not change history,  BUTT we do have the ability to set our own course for the future.

Guys like the three pictured above are ONLY out for what they can grab and run.  If they had any regard for the future of their race, they would be preaching EDUCATION  instead of hatred, constantly hammering into the minds of their flock.

EDUCATION is the key to the success of every element/field/position in life.  EDUCATION of all people should start the second they pop their heads into this world.

We are not talking about how to calculate what is 100 x 4 =; we are talking about;


noun: education; noun: an education
  1. 1.
    the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university.
    “a new system of public education”
    synonyms: teaching, schooling, tuition, tutoring, instruction, coaching, training, tutelage, guidance; More

    indoctrination, inculcation, enlightenment;
    “the education of young children”
    • the theory and practice of teaching.
      “colleges of education”
    • a body of knowledge acquired while being educated.
      plural noun: educations
      “his education is encyclopedic and eclectic”
      synonyms: learning, knowledge, literacy, scholarship, enlightenment

      “a woman of some education”

      EDUCATION is the cornerstone to the development of any society. In order to advance in any culture/society, EDUCATION is paramount.  Without it, the uneducated  people will continue to wonder around helplessly through their entire life, following the wrong role models and making the same mistakes over and over.

    Apparently, by the poor examples the three dissidents above are setting, they demonstrate they could care less about the black community and how the future generations will develop.

    BUTTTT; just a little clue. They are all doing it for their personal financial gains.

    While these three Musketeers are pissing off their people with their fiery rhetoric as to how poor and abused they are; take a look at where they live. If they were so concerned, I would think they would share their wealth.

    chi-jesse-jackson-jr-washington-dc-house-20131025        images      index.jpg

    Not too bad for being Bible Thumper$$$.

    The element that the black community needs desperately is; LEADERSHIP!!! Leadership along with education. With these three fast-talkers as the shepherds, we can bet that the advancement in the right direction will go nowhere as it has in the past.  Even the president of the USA was supposed to be the Great Black Hope for his people and failed.

    America just spent 8 years with a black president. For many African …

    Jan 16, 2017 – Thousands of African Americans packed buses to travel to Obama’s 2008 inauguration. … “This is what America is supposed to be about,” Jackson recalls thinking. (Video … But polls have shown black people to be more satisfied with Obama the man and less with their progress under Obama the president.

What is the solution; EDUCATION & LEADERSHIP.

We can’t rely on the politicians in this country, they are so lax and incompetent in the performance of their jobs it is pathetic.  The only thing they are interested in is; if the government ever shuts down, their pay checks will not be affected.

Government shutdown 2018: The real victims are poor kids, military …

Jan 22, 2018 – On Monday, hundreds of thousands of nonessential government workers — from Florida to Alaska — were told to start shutting down their offices and many of the services they provide. The shutdown doesn’t affect the politicians responsible for it. Members of Congress continue to get paid when the …

EDUCATION = success

Fiery rhetoric = hatred

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