If you can’t do a better job; shut the &%#@ up

Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel makes anti-GOP jabs after first professing positivity

Just like Sheriff Joe Arpaio did a stupendous job straightening the prison system while in Arizonian; which he later was chastised for being to strict. It is proof that PDT must be doing a fantastic job if he is pissing off all of the Boulder Rollers.  Last night, the joke they call the Oscars was another example of just that; sour apples.

In their respective times, both men were elected to drain the swamps and that is what they did/doing. Whenever anyone gets too powerful and makes the fools that came before them look like fools, the establishment starts to get nervous.


Wyatt Earp was hired by the towns elders to bring law and order back to the out of control wild west. When his mission was accomplished, the elders that hired him became fearful of his power and tried to shit can the sheriff.  We call that paranoia and insecurity.

As far as PDT and Arpaio are concerned; the systems were dirty, still are, and they were elected to clean it up. BUTT, as we all know, there is a particular breed of double standard people in this country that take offense others success personal. Others success makes them look bad and they don’t like it when their incompetence is exposed for who they really are.

Are both the Sheriff and PDT are a little rough under the collar, a little abrasive, a little unpolished and sometimes too forthright?? Absolutely; BUTT they both never claimed  to be Mother Theresa.  They are both super patriots men who love their country and want to bring prosperity, security and law and order back to where it once was.

While Sheriff Joe was in office he accomplished what no one else had the desire, know-how and balls to do. The same with PDT. He is poking holes in so many blunders from the past administrations, making a valid attempt to correct them, demonstrating where they were wrong, inadequate or even criminal, proceeding to make changes, BUTT the flock of the past incompetents  do not like the truth to be exposed.  They have been caught with their tits in a wringer – their pants around their knees and their hands in the cookie jar.

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The embarrassment of their negligence, in some areas criminal is staggering. That is why they continue to take jabs at The Man who is exposing them for what they are to take the the heat off of themselves.

When a person wants a cake made (unless they are a gay couple looking for a pay day) they go to a baker – when a guy needs to have cabinets built he goes to a cabinet makers – when a lady needs her hair done, she goes to a beauty shop. This good old US of A needed someone sitting in the big chair that has a giant set of ball that is not afraid to step on anyone’s toes, domestic or foreign to get the job done. PDT is that man. If he gets 60% of what he does right, that will be about 40% more than his predecessors.

One outstanding example:

When was the 1st or last time, before PDT sat in the Big Chair did we ever see any president negotiate prices with a government contractor because they were raping the public?? NEVER; until PDT came riding into town.

Is the guy squeaky clean when it comes to his life before getting elected? Hell no. Anyone that thinks so is a fool. Very few people, if any,  in his tax bracket had to create some waves on the way to the top.

I don’t care if 10 years ago he was out one night with 1 or 2 billion dollar$ in his pocket, in some upscale night spot and grabbed some lady’s ass.  MOST of them frequent those places for that exact reason. What normal healthy billionaire hasn’t been in that situation? As long as the man did not rape anyone; all of the other incidentals are incidental.  Are they right? No just incidental.

What I am interested in? He does the job he was elected to do. It would be a hell of a lot easier and beneficial for everyone if the Boulder Rollers would give him a helping hand to bring the USA back to it’s leadership position for the betterment of the entire world. BUTT, they are people molded of nothing but empty shells and ignorance. Who else can try to justify breaking the law by hiding out and harboring illegal criminals?? That is one example of 100’s.

My contention has always has been. I am willing to listen to any suggestions or idea  thrown at me in a respectful manner. If the idea is better than mine, I will adjust. BUTT; don’t criticize me if you can not do a better job. Until then; shut the &%#* @! and let me do my thing.

In a twisted way, the far left and the Boulder Roller are showing their hole card by demonstrating just how ignorant they are.  Here is a man, PDT, that is attempting to save their lives by throwing them life jackets. BUTT what are they doing, they keep throwing them back at him and are yelling, THROW ME AN ANCHOR INSTEAD!!

Hopefully, one of these days all the fools that continue to break PDT’s balls are going to see the wisdom in MUCH of what he does. Lately there has been a few celebs that are jumping ship and coming to the right side. Lets hope the shift continues. The rest are cowards and afraid of being labeled an outsider.

As far as the sheep that air their laundry on these award shows; they are pathetic critters following their inept leaders over the cliff.


I would love to DUMP into their laps just one day of what PDT has on his plate. Like the Japanese pilots in WW II, in no time, they would all be commuting Hari Kari.

Remember Rollers; if you can’t do a better job; shut the &%#* @!


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