Better hurry folks; dooms days may be upon us

Stephen Hawking warns: Humanity may have less than 600 years to leave Earth


I have always maintained that mankind (Canadian version being people-kind) are self-destructing, now Steven Hawking, one of the most well-renounced scientists/super-brains in the world, just confirmed that.

If humanity doesn’t become a truly spacefaring species in the next five centuries or so, we may well go extinct, Stephen Hawking said, according to media reports.

During a video presentation Sunday (Nov. 5) at the Tencent Web Summit in Beijing, the famed cosmologist warned that the ever-rising human population, and its mounting energy needs, could render Earth uninhabitable by the year 2600, according to the British newspaper The Sun.

There are a few elements I think Hawking left out of the  extinction equations; such as  self destruction – atom bombing – terrorism –  drugs addictions – tyrannical dictators wiping out their own people. Mankind is it’s own worst enemy.

Hawking’s solution to saving the people that inhabit the earth is, for science and technology to be working diligently on exploring another planet that is similar to the Earth and for everyone to get their Hats.

During his talk, Hawking also highlighted the exploration potential of Breakthrough Starshot, a $100 million project that aims to develop tiny, uncrewed, sail-equipped probes that will be accelerated to 20 percent the speed of light by powerful lasers.

Such nanocraft could get to Mars in less than an hour and theoretically fly by the closest exoplanet to Earth — the possibly habitable Proxima b, which lies about 4.2 light-years from us — after a space journey of just 20 years, Hawking and other Starshot team members have said.

Sounds good on paper Steve, BUTT it is all hypothetical wishful thinking.  Most people can not live in the same house together for a weekend without wanting to kill each-other; so I find it impossible that ANY group of people can tolerate one another on a 20 year voyage in the a flying sardine can.


In essence; mankind has the ability to control it’s own destiny; BUTT, because of factors like greed, power and total control, it will never happen.  Trying to get all of the Super Powers in the world to agree or co-operate on just about any issues that may save the planet, is like expecting Harvey Wineburger to apologize for being such degenerate, disgraceful hog, rapist and molester.  It ain’t gonna happen.


There are only a hand-full of influential people in this world that truly care about tomorrow or the days after and the future of the earth.  The majority  only care about here, now and what is in it for them.  To get the proper group of people together that have a common-bond, the salvation of the human race, is probably totally impossible.

Take a good look at all of the organizations in this world like the UN that are supposed to be HOLDING IT TOGETHER.  The world has never been in the precarious positions it is today.  All the power broker$ care about is the bottom line.

I think Steven Hawking is very generous with his 600 year prediction until dooms day or the extinction of the human race on earth. I think it is going to happen long before that.


This may be a little premature by a few decades; BUTT just in case, better enjoy that next surf and turf you eat, we never know when it may be our last.  I like mine medium rare.

Ring me up on December 31 – 2599; I will let you know how things are going.

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