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Run Billy run – Hide Billy hide!!

Fox Judge orders release of sealed Bill Clinton documents from Ken Starr probe It is long overdue that Wild Bill is held accountable for his nefarious actions while sitting in the Big Chair or should I say, slouching.  It is … Continue reading

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Sooner or later ….

COME CLEAN PDT; YOU WILL FEEL BETTER IN THE MORNING I would assume that PDT is not a fool. A subject some may not agree with. A little rough around the edges in some areas, but he is a definitely … Continue reading

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He sold the Wolf Tickets; now it is time to BUY THEM

CNN LeBron James to Fox News host: ‘We will definitely not shut up and dribble” LOS ANGELES – LeBron James thanked Fox News host Laura Ingraham, though not by name, for raising awareness, highlighting the injustice that James has been … Continue reading

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Lady Laura

Ingraham: My criticism of LeBron had nothing to do with race I am an equal opportunity critic when it comes to left wing celebrities sounding off on topics of which they know little. LeBron James doesn’t seem too concerned about … Continue reading

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They wonder why …..

YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ‘Vagina Mohawks’ Made An Appearance At New York Fashion Week New York Fashion Week is always outrageous, and this season was no exception.  With a robot escorting Irina Shayk out of a UFO at Philipp … Continue reading

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TOOOO good for the COMMON MAN

SLATE Scott Pruitt Is Stillllllll Flying First Class in Brave Defiance of the Dangers of Coach You know where that thumb should be!!!! Scott Pruitt is back in the big seats. Two days after an exposé in the Washington Post … Continue reading

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I would like to extend my sympathies to all of the victims of gun violence in this country.  Life was not intended to be this disastrous and should not have to be this way. If ANY dangerous/illegal situation is not … Continue reading

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Even PDT gets a pat on the head once and awhile …

CNN Lloyd Blankfein: Economy is ‘higher’ under Trump than if Clinton won It is taking some time, but it appears that some of the truthful people on the opposite side of the fence are giving PDT a little stroke-job/pat on … Continue reading

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Even by California’s standards …..

Fox California teacher who slammed military refuses to quit, but is condemned by city council This billy goat looking anti-American is pissing off everyone with his anti-military comments; even some of the people in the most liberal state in the … Continue reading

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There is a Storm brewing ahead …

FOX Michael Cohen, Trump’s lawyer, says he paid Stormy Daniels $130,000 out of own pocket The latest twist in the tangled tale of what happened between President Trump and an adult film star more than a decade ago has taken … Continue reading

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