The Hog wants it all ….

Fox News

Amazon is driving head-on into UPS and FedEx

It is not enough that Amazon CEO’s personal net worth is $105.1 billion (those are BBBBB’s folks, not MMMM’s –  105,000,000,000.00$) and monopolizes about 44% of e-commerce sales, it appears he wants it all.  44%, those are huge number for one company to control.
The guy is not satisfied with his slice, he wants the whole pie. Bezos is trying to cut the throat of the people that deliver his packages. He is going after FED-X and UPS.  The way I see it, this guy is a stone HOG.

Amazon could receive nearly 44 percent of U.S. e-commerce sales in …

Shipping is a huge expense for Amazon. The company spent $21.7 billion on it worldwide in 2017, a 34% increase over the year before, and almost double what it spent in 2015.

You may axe; if the company spent 21.7 billion on delivering packages, who much did the company make?? Answer: 1.9 billion$ in the first quarter of 2017. Not too shabby.

According to The Wall Street Journal report, Amazon could save about $3 per package, or $1.1 billion annually, by having more control over its shipments over long distances. That would allow it to charge even less for goods, a key component of its strategy as rivals like Walmart and Target gear up their own responses to thwart Amazon.


Charge even less for goods; don’t believe it. When is the last time we ever saw any company cut prices. Once they have their hooks in, they NEVER cut loose.

In a odd way, I really can’t blame the Bezos for trying to cut costs??  Is it a good business practice?? Absolutely yes;  BUTT no because he is steaming-rolling everyone that has helped him achieve the success he is experiencing.

When any company is making this kind of profit; I would assume that they would like to share in their good fortune. BUTT, I know that is not the way the game is played with the big blood suckers. Enough is never enough.

Amazon has posted a profit for 11 straight quarters — including a …

Years ago I read an article that stated; in the future there is only going to be 3 or less of everything; banks – oil companies – merchants and so on. It looks like to me that we are headed in that direction.

Let us not forget that competition is the best thing a consumer can have. Without it, the BIG BOYS can and will dominate and charge whatever they want.


    10.00$ shades glasses from Walmart

What this kind of pattern demonstrates, making $$$$$ has become a game and an obsession with the high rollers. Enough for them, is never enough.  When they go to a BUFFET (includes Warren), they want all the food not just enough to satisfy them. That is where the definition of HOG comes in.

noun: hog; plural noun: hogs; noun: hogg
  1. 1.
    a domesticated pig, especially one over 120 pounds (54 kg) and reared for slaughter.
    synonyms: pig, sow, swine, porker, piglet, boar;

    “a prize-winning hog”
    • a feral pig.
    • a wild animal of the pig family, for example, a warthog.
    • informal
      a greedy person.
  2. 2.
    informal trade mark in UK
    a large, heavy motorcycle, in particular a Harley Davidson.
  3. 3.
    a young sheep before the first shearing.
verb: hog; 3rd person present: hogs; past tense: hogged; past participle: hogged; gerund or present participle: hogging
  1. 1.
    keep or use all of (something) for oneself in an unfair or selfish way.
    “he never hogged the limelight”
    synonyms: monopolize, dominate, take over, corner, control

    “he hogged the limelight”
    antonyms: share
    It is a tremendous ambition for anyone to try and become as successful as possible; BUTT when they are literally, financially executing everyone in their path to achieve their goals, that is when I consider them HOGS,


I can’t help BUTT wonder if people like Bezos ever think of, or ever consider all of the people they are crippling because of their greed??  I really doubt it. If they cared, they would not be so aggressive.

Oink – Oink

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